June 8th Review

We’re officially 2 years old!  Anyone who has organised a 2 year olds birthday party will tell you: “Expect the unexpected”.  It makes more business sense for us to kid on the night went really smooth but where’s the fun in that.  If an episode of Eastenders didn’t have a disaster or 2 in it then everyone would watch Hollyoaks so here’s some of our Drama from the evening so you can get the inside scoop and also see just how hard we work to keep it all together.

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SPoster for june 8th showo the run up to this show was a scary one.  Being the birthday show I really wanted to make sure it was a strong line-up and booked some cracking acts.  All comedians were headline acts and all the dancers are headline acts when they perform on bills…plus I’ve been known to headline a few shows over the years myself.

However as things work out this show was full of disasters:




Tickets – Last month on the Monday before the show we had sold 94 tickets.  This month we had sold 8.   As it turns out there was another wee gig on called Rockness and there were 4 other shows on like ours that night plus all the comedy clubs around as well.  On top of that…it’s sunny and people like to be in the garden when it’s sunny.  This by the way is why Scotland has produced so many world class comedians and so few footballers in recent decades.   Also, the despite putting up 20 posters in The Admiral we never sold a ticket at the venue…mainly because the tickets got lost – doh!


  • Stu Who There was a mix-up about timings so Stu was going to have to do the middle spot to allow him to headline elsewhere  sorry for any confusion.
  • My regular door girl Mel has been taking burlesque lessons and was making her debut over at another night
  • my Event Manager, Star, was away Graduating.
  • Mhairi my assistant manager at 5:20 on the day of Enterteasement txt me to say she wasn’t going to be able to make it – awch.
  • Wullie the photographer who helps me set-up getting help up (not by gun)at a previous engagement  so he wasn’t able to help out with the setting up of curtains banners etc.
  • Gavin Webster got slightly lost and didn’t appear till the start of the show.


Believe it or not there’s a lot more but I’ll leave it there for now.
So with the room assembled…I’m gonna be honest…I used cello tape to assemble a few things that don’t normally require cello tape.


The Show

We started at 8:02 and the audience were pretty cool, we had a mad man down the front with 4 teeth and spoke a variation of Glaswegian Klingon so that’s always interesting.  We went over the rules, don’t talk during the acts and cheer through the burlesque.  Now while I’m doing this I’m thinking to myself, “Woody you’ve forgotten something really important” and I had – see normally at this point I introduce my team of 2 assistants and photographer so everyone knows we actually work there.  However, as I didn’t have any staff and there wasn’t a photographer at this point there was no one to introduce.

Viv Gee

Viv the comedianThe comedy world is full off all different types of people but Viv is just amazingly nice and she’s an exceptional compere.  About a month ago I was at a gig and viv was compering for 15 year olds and she ended up breakdancing on stage!  Comedian, Actress, Poet & breakdancer – god knows what else she can do but 1 thing we need for our shows is adaptability.  People turn up for the comedy, magic, burlesque and others have quite clearly there to hide from the police for a few hours…we get a mixed bag but it keeps it interesting.

So Viv did an AMAZING job in my honest opinion because it’s a job where you need to judge the crowd, think on your feet and adjust the timings on the night.  So the show had started and she was off.  It was her birthday the next day and the amount of comments I had about Viv was great mainly from a bunch of my friends who came to the show who have been saying for years “Female Comedians Aren’t funny” But after the event they were converted and want to know where they can see more of her.  Well done Viv.

Gavin Webster

Gavin is a comedian from Newcastle and he’s one of my all time favourites.  One of my friends actually turned up just to see Gavin perform.  In the comedy world, Gavin has one of the loveliest reputations.  Virtually every comedian I spoke to who had worked with Gavin insisted on telling me there “Gavin Story” So I was all glad to have him.

It was weird though because he went on stage and not everyone took to him at first.  Which I thought was strange because Gavin GavinWebsterHeadlines all the big venues and I would consider him a real 5 star performer.  He wasn’t dying or anything like that but he wasn’t tearing the roof off the place as I thought he would.  Sometimes you just get a quiet comedy crowd…however, I think Gavin sensed that the audience were still a little cold and told jokes at the start as I’ve seen fellow Newcastle comedian Peter Kay do the same thing.  So after 5 minutes, they were laughing after 10 minutes he had them and by the end of it he had them all holding their sides at his panda tale.

Then the weirdest thing happend.  As Gavin does his sign off and say’s “right guys I’m going to go now.”  Our local mad man says, “See before you go pal can I ask you a question?” A rather perplexed Gavin said “yes” and the guy asked him “What’s your real voice?”

What does that even mean?

So Gavin did another couple of minutes off the cuff about being from Surrey; but, it’s one of those lines that will probably end up in Gavin’s Book under the weirdest thing said to you at a comedy gig section.


As breaks go…it was ok.

Viv came back on and I would love to say what she did but I was in the changing room getting stage instructions at the time so I only managed to hear the laughs.

Stu Who
Stu Who doing comedyStu Was meant to be the headliner but due to a mix up with another venue it made sense to move him to the middle spot.  As performances go he was epic.  Right up our street with a mixture of Glasgow stories and personal life.  It’s not one liner gags it’s just normal pub humour and observations.  From start to finish it was Boom, Laugh Boom Laugh.  Knock out blows to the audience and they loved every minute of it.  The energy in the room was epic – we just wish we had him for longer but fear not people – he had a good time and will be making a return when we return.


Suraya Ahmed

Suraya Belly Dancing

Suraya is a the first belly dancer we’ve had on our line-up.  She came on stage and performed her routine using a stick…what’s ironic about this is that she ended up needing the stick as she went over on her ankle as she took to the stage.  No one in the audience would have known this as she continued regardless but by the time she was backstage she was in considerable pain.  I’ve packed painkillers in the box just in case something like this happened but when Suraya came off stage she asked for…tiger bam.  Funnily enough…we didn’t have any.    Cracking act though and something to keep the night different for the regulars.


CherryfoxetmCherryfox is the second pink haired burlesque act we’ve had in as many shows…believe it or not they are both English and they are the only 2 burlesque acts in the world I know of with pink hair so having them back to back is quite something.  Cherryfox  took to the stage to perform a ‘Sing & Fling’ act.  If you don’t know what this is, she sings…and flings her clothes off.  It’s pretty cool and something we’ve been after for a while but hardly anyone does it because it’s pretty difficult.   Anyhow, we had a minor fault with this in that after our sound check was done a DJ monitor was plugged in so this created some feedback during the high notes.  I’ll be honest – I don’t know what that is but we’ve never had problems before with music in there and we’ve tracked down the cause by the end of the show.

So we owe Cherryfox an apology for not getting this right but most of it was fine and it was well received by the audience…also it helps that she’s stunning.


Vendetta Vain

We love her! Vendetta has her own style when it comes to burlesque and has amazing stage presence.  She’s never officially studied Vendetta Burlesque dancingdrama or anything like that however here’s a wee bit of theatre trivia you can throw into conversation when your posh friends are visiting.  All theatre goers don’t know when to applaud.  What should happen at the end of a performance is that it should be so powerful that the audience sit in appreciation for a while to let it absorb than after 10 seconds or so everyone should start clapping. What actually happens is that as soon as it’s over everyone starts clapping instantaneously.  The only reason I say this is that Vendetta’s performances remind me of theatre performances and at the end of a performance she stands motionless just letting the audience absorb what they’ve just seen.  Which really is nice to see because so many girls run off stage once the performance is over

This month she performed her Russian act for us which came with the weirdest music I think we’ve ever heard.  It’s not really an Enterteasement cheeky teasy fun burlesque act but as Cherryfox was performing a dark number we went for the Russian act as it was a good transition

At the end of the performance the audience erupted with one of our best burlesque reactions of all time.

Great act!  Unbelievable reaction from a World Class Performer.

Thanks for coming back to Scotland Vendetta



Woody with photo magicRight It’s my gig and I’m writing about how I did so this is a tough one.  I’ve performed most of the things that I do in my normal act at Enterteasement and as we had a lot of people coming to this show that have seen me over the years I decided to do something none of them had seen me do before.

Apart from being a magician and Enterteasement organiser I also make a few pennies here and there playing poker.  I qualified for a tournament last year with 180 players and I managed to win the tournament and I got a nice trophy and everything.  People often ask me if I cheat and the honest answer is no.  I was only allowed to deal one hand in the tournament I won and as I quite like all my fingers on my hand I think I’ll continue to play by the rules.  However, I do have a few advantages in that I study the key elements of becoming a good poker player and this is a show I am putting together called “I wouldn’t want to play cards with you”.   On Saturday I displayed the ability of reading people’s reactions with my attraction game.  The girl Nina looked through some famous faces and I asked her to memorise and rate who she wanted the most.  I know this sounds like a bit of a weak tie in but the reality is true.  When a beautiful woman walks into the room a man’s heart rate will increase, the pupils will dilate, the speech rate will change and it’s exactly the same when someone looks down at a good hand  The end of my trick was a comedy one where it was a photo of me and it got a good reaction.

Next I performed my Truth or Lie game where I got 5 audience members on stage and asked them all a question.  The holders of the white ball were to tell me a lie and the holder of the black ball was to tell me the truth.   Luckily for me I managed to figure who was telling the truth and who was telling porky pies.

Poker chip

I have 2 favourite magicians.  One from France and one from America.  Both have routines with poker chips and I’m happy to say I’ve combined them both and managed for the first time I put the poker chip on my unsuspecting volunteers shoulder 3 times without him noticing plus I put on it the back of his hand so I’m happy with that.

Next up with the ability to move cards.  And I performed a classic in magic and managed to get 3 cards into a spectator’s hands.  This trick was recently performed on TV and the magician done it via jumping from car to car.  I upped the stakes by doing it with a Glaswegian mad man who decided to come on stage and nearly rip my headset out of my head whilst trying to give me a hug.  But again it went well.

Overall – I’m quite happy with my performance, there was a lot of new stuff in there and I was a tad stressed out but I got through it.

Overall thoughts…I’m delighted to have a month off.  The last 5 shows have been really good fun and the word is spreading about Enterteasement.  It’s known in the comedy & magic world as a really good gig and the burlesque reactions this year have been far better than the last 2 years so we’re heading in the right direction.

If August – December as as good as February to June then I’ll be happy…but I’m aiming to make this even better.  Thanks for reading, remember to like the page

Big thanks to


Gavin Webster:

Viv Gee:
Surya Ahmed:

Vendetta Vain:


Woody the magician:


We’re back in August – December on the Second Saturday of the month.  We’d ask you to pop your name into the newsletter and we’ll let you know when we’re back.


June 8th with Stu Who, Vendetta Vain & Woody

Poster for june 8th showReasons to celebrate at Enterteasement on Saturday 8th June include:

1) It’s the summer.
2) We have an extra special line-up with 6 ‘As Seen On TV Acts’.
3) It’s our Birthday!

Eventbrite - Enterteasement - Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! June 8th

Yip, we turn 2 years old on June 8th and what a 2 years it has been. From the early days where we were avoided by Comedians, Magicians & Burlesque acts to having top stars from all round the world perform for us. Our May show sold out before the doors had even opened and received a new record 4.7 star average customer review!
Dare I say it…I think June could get 4.8 stars and with this line-up anything is possible. 3 Headline TV Comedians, Magic Circle Magician Woody, Burlesque from 2 World Of Burlesque Stars and a belly dancer from MaryHill…(kidding)


STU WHO: The Legend that is STU WHO was part of The Funny Farm who were a group of Comedians (Including Fred McCauley) who built the Scottish Comedy Scene and got a TV show in the process.

GAVIN WEBSTER: Newcastle’s favourite comedian. If you’ve seen a Comedian on TV with a Geordie accent talking about Pandas – it’s Gavin Webster! Regular Headliner all over the UK’s Top Comedy Clubs.

VIV GEE: Actress / Poet / Comedian…and finalist at Chanel 4’s ‘So You Think You’re Funny’. The baby faced assassin of the comedy world.

WOODY: Magic Circle Magician & Scottish Close-up Magic Champion Woody is also the owner and creator of Enterteasement. Making a rare appearance on the bill with magic & mindreading.

CHERRYFOX: Making her Enterteasement debut, Cherryfox is one of the few Sing & Fling burlesque artist based in the UK. Our first ever Burlesque act who sings at the same time – talk about multi-tasking.

VEDDETTA VAIN: She’s a cheeky wee charmer with choreography & originality that has established her as one of the most sought after burlesque stars in the UK. An Enterteasement Favourite!

SURAYA AHMED: Making her Enterteasement debut, Suraya has performed alongside the World Belly Dance Superstars and taught Belly Dancing on The Virgin 1’s TV show: ‘The Naked Office’ We’ve never had belly dancing before but we thought we’d mix it up a little since it’s our birthday!


The Admiral Bar: 72 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA
Doors 7:15
Show 8pm – 10:30pm (with breaks)
Cost £14 / £12 (students)
VIP Booth (6-8 people) £100
Baby Booth (limited view – holds 6) £80

Tickets available online or at the Admiral Bar (just ask behind the bar)

May Show Review…It was Great

Nona Nightmare Cards

Well that’s another Enterteasement been and gone and I think that was our busiest show ever.   People keep telling us we have to move to a bigger venue or get more chairs.  As The Admiral is just about perfect for us and they have a nice friendly team in place all I can say is that we shall try to source more chairs from somewhere and maybe contemplate opening another night and run twice monthly.  Believe it or not each of those stackable chairs are £60 each – so 10 chairs is £600 which is a little out of our budget.  We have actually purchased 10 extra chairs but accept we need more and will do our best to source them.  For all those that stood – thanks you guys did great and we appreciate that must’ve been a long night on your feet.

The Story

No speeding tickets this month but my printer & laptop were nearly thrown out the window before the show.  However both pulled their act together proving I’m either very lucky…or Artificial Intelligence has taken off.   After getting the venue set up I inform Star (Stage manager) that she’ll be rolling Stakatto Blue’s Hoops on stage, her face was priceless, she responded with, “I can’t toss a coin, can you get someone else to do it?” But I said no and she reluctantly agreed.  First time in a year I’ve seen her panic about something.

Doors Open

Due to IT issues, we were a couple of minutes late on opening but the venue filled up quickly which is always a relief as although we had sold out, there’s still that panic there will be a problem with the trains and nobody will arrive.

As we were mobbed I was a bit a little nervous that conversations would break out and disrupt the night; but, a combination of my moaning and having a great audience that didn’t happen.  For the first time ever, I didn’t have to do the ‘No Talk Walk’   Part of me misses the days we used to have to put the microphone up full blast and throw the audience out because they were intoxicated…not a big part but the title of ‘Most Drunken Disorderly Audience’ has been relinquished and can be taken up by anyone who feels their life needs some stress.

The venue filled up, the seats were gone, the benches were gone and it was showtime!

The Show

Michael Redmond (MC)

Michael Redmond looking into the Camera

What a legend! Michael often compere’s at The Stand; but to be honest, when you’ve been in comedy as long as he has I don’t think there’s anything much he hasn’t seen, done or mastered.  The audience were a little nervous at first and no one would admit being anywhere else apart from Glasgow or interact with him.  I think this comes from the dreaded fear of being in the front row and having the p**s taken out of you for the whole night.  However, Michael got round this by jumping off stage and standing in the chairs on the front row making the second row the new first row.  Michael is a 60 something year old guy but he jumped up on the chairs and really took ownership of the room and even found out we had someone from as far away as Loch Lomond.   Lots of laughs and with the audience warmed up it was time to bring on the first act

Stakatto Blue (Hula Hoop Act)

Stakatto is an amazing Hula hoop artist and there’s nothing she can’t do.  We decided to open with her as he act is high Energy and that would bridge the gap between Michael’s dry slow delivery and the next act’s high energy magic.


Her act was a comedy hula-hoop routine where she was doing some hula hooping with several hoops, every hoop getting smaller until the smallest hoop was produced from her pocket which was more of a bangle than a
A wee background story:  Not only is Kat a performer she teaches Hula Hoop classes and is very well known for her meticulous practice and the high degree of skill of which she possesses.   It’s almost quite annoying as in all the times I’ve seen her she’s never made a mistake…until tonight.  She’s been sick this week and the Doctors had ordered her to stay in bed so she’d missed a few days practice before she made it to the stage and boom, one tiny mistake and the hoop flew off her hand and hit someone in the front row.  It should point out, it was only a wee plastic hoop, there was no harm done and she recovered well and everyone loved her act.  Good to see she’s human and we hope you’re feeling better very soon Kat.hoop.   At the end of the routine she was spinning all the hoops in the act, one on her neck, one around her leg and the wee mini hoop on her finger.  It was all well received, especially to one person who received a hoop to the face!

p.s. Star rolled the hoops on stage no problems at all

Professor Callison (Madness & Magic)

Professor Callison, holding big cardsBefore we could welcome The Professor on stage, Michael Redmond fancied a shot of the hula-hoop and surprisingly done really well!  These multi-talented entertainers make it harder for the rest of us!  After showing off it was time to welcome onto stage Professor Callison.

The Mad Professor is in the Tommy Cooper mould of magic.  It’s a more entertainment than magic, very easy to watch and lots of fun.   The first was a trick where the 9 of heats was selected and found located in the professors crotch, the second was a mind-reading effect where a spectator coloured in a drawing which the professor had not only predicted how the drawings would be coloured in but ended up he was wearing the same clothes as the drawing.  The final trick is a popular one where the whole deck of cards is used to tell a story about Jack (one of the Jacks)

This was a new act from The Professor and there were some real gems in there and there were also some parts that need tightening up a bit as it ran ever so slightly over time.  However, The Professor sells 25 tickets (at least) for every show so we allow him the odd minute here or there so he can keep his many fans happy.


As breaks go…it was ok, people got drinks and went to the toilet.  I decided to mill around the raffle prizes and as I hadn’t eaten anything for a while I thought I would treat myself to one of the chocolates that are for guests…after all, they are for Enterteasement people and I did buy them – where’s the harm in that?  Well… a tap on the shoulder later and I was informed that one of the guests had seen the chocolates and thought they were a raffle prize and had bought a ticket on that merit.  Then she thought I was eating her prize.  Aww bless.  So I explained and gave her a  free chocolate.  I offered her another 1 and she declined….I couldn’t help but think why she wanted to win the whole box so desperately but only wanted 1 chocolate; but who am I to take on the challenge of understanding how the inside of a woman’s mind works?

The lady and her partner told me they had decided to come and see us because of the description on the website, “we hire friendly comedians who don’t attack the front row”  This is true, we don’t hire the Frankie Boyle types as we believe it’s more about people celebrating the weekend and having a laugh rather than trying to get some political point across.  They then informed me that although that was the description on the website they decided to arrive late so they wouldn’t be sat on the front row.  Luckily for me it was time to start the second section.

Michael Redmond

It was time for the show to start back and in the next 7 minutes, something happened that I would never believe if I hadn’t seen it.  Michael decided to get people up for some horse riding,  I’ll refresh your memories on something – Michael is 62…and he was the horse.  Yip, People were sitting on him and I believe someone whipped him with the mic cable. (On writing this I still find myself in a state of disbelief) “Legends are born not made”.    It was simply genius!

Sam McInnes (Comedy 5 spot)

SamMcInnesFrom someone who’s been doing comedy for decades to someone who’s performed for 3 months Michael then introduced Samantha McInnes.  Sam contacted us to see if she could help out on the door but as luck would have it the next act had said he was more comfortable doing 10 minutes, rather than 15, so we had a 5 minutes to fill.  When you start out in comedy you need to beg and plead for 5 minutes on gigs and most of the time it’s in front of 10 people with a sh**ty sound system.  However, Sam has good stage presence and material based on sex & a vintage clothing which is fitting to our theme and we decided to take the gamble.

I am really happy to announce the gamble paid off.   Sam took to the stage, delivered her material to a very high standard and got lots of laughs.  She’s working very hard at comedy and we we’re glad we could help her along her journey to becoming another very funny Scottish female comedian.

A Panda (Comedian)

Panda ComedyA Panda is the creation of comedian Gary Black. One day someone said he looked like a panda and something in Gary’s head said, I’m going to invest in a panda outfit,  goth make-up and write a set about being an American panda.  We were a little bit worried about putting this sort of act on because alternative comedy doesn’t work great for our audience.  However, A Panda was very well received and performed well.

As many of you will know we “survey the f**k” out of people (as it was once put to me) but the most common reason people chose Enterteasement  is because it was something different.  Because of that, we like to keep the line-ups diverse and when we get the opportunity to put a panda on the bill – we’re do the old Captain Piccard and make it so!

Actual Panda was very good, something different and got lots of laughs.  We hope you found it educational.


It’s Burlesque time!! Whoop whoop.  I’m often asked, “what’s burlesque?” and “what’s the difference between burlesque and stripping?”   One of the main fundamentals is that burlesque tells a story.  The question I’m never asked is; “What is good burlesque?”  The answer to that could be quite clearly demonstrated in our 2 performers Psyclone jack & Nona Nightmare.  If you look through some burlesque photographs (it was honestly research) you’ll see the same facial expressions from the dancers.  That to me is lack of expression and performance.  Anyone new to burlesque or wanting to improve could have learned alot from watching our 2 performers this month.

Psyclone Jack (Burlesque)

PsycloneJackPsyclone Jack’s is a burlesque act from USA, She’s been involved in the industry for years and her experience really showed on stage.  She performed her interpretation of a story that was based on the film Butterfly from The Grind House, Death Proof.  If you haven’t seen the film the contents of the act might have been lost on you.  However, what I really appreciated about this act was the minimalist approach to burlesque.  I’ve sifted through my fair share of burlesque videos (it’s a hard job I know – no pun intended)  and I’ve seen girls with loads of props and clothes struggle to hold the audience’s attention for a 3 and a half minute routine.  When Psyclone Jack took to the stage in a just a pair of hotpants and a t-shirt…I was a little concerned.  However, although only the t-shirt and the bra came off there was no point where people were thinking “speed it up”  She held the attention of the audience really well and had great stage presence.  I don’t know many burlesque dancers who could do a routine and hold the audience’s attention by only removing 2 items of clothing.  She left the stage with a well deserved massive applause.

Nona Nightmare (Burlesque)

Nona NightmareNona performed for us back in December and I heard so many glowing reports about her from our hardcore burlesque fans that I was really looking forward to seeing her act.  She has a style to her own with lots of music changes in her acts and props to keep the audience on their toes.  This routine was described as:

“Fall down the rabbit hole to Underland! You’ll meet many characters on the way, but is it a dream? This twisted tale just became a nightmare!”

She appeared on stage in 1 costume then changed into a rabbit and featured playing cards – This couldn’t have been a better fit for us.  What I loved about it though was, well…everything.  The Choreography, originality, comedy, teasing, music and the wee subtle things like the wink, cheeky smile or a subtle hand gesture for applause  everything about this act was perfect and the audience absolutely loved it.

Nona Nightmare was born for the stage and must be one of the UK’s (if not the worlds) leading Neo Burlesque performers.


Nothing overly eventful happened in the break. It was time for the headline act.

Gary Little (Comedy)

945826_492092127524315_1486353943_nGary has been at the top of the Scottish Comedy Circuit for years; but, about 8 months ago he went from being great to being a super star.  God knows what happened; maybe it’s the big walks up Ben Nevis with his beloved dogs but whatever he’s doing if he keeps doing it there must be a TV show in the pipeline in the not too distant future.

Gary took to the stage and what happened next could only be described as “magic” Laughter has different levels but when you see people rocking back and forward, whipping the tears from their eyes and holding their sides you know the big man is knocking it out the park once again.

Gary had brought some DVDs with him to sell after the show (his own comedy DVDs not like Starwars) and he didn’t go home with any put it that way.

The gig closed, we packed up and all was well.  Went upstairs to watch Ricky Burns retain his World Boxing title (it was on the TV, he wasn’t fighting at The Admiral Bar)

We then had a wee chat with Gary Little who had visited the gents toilet and visited urinal 1…we know this because there are 2 urinals and above urinal 2 is a poster of Gary Little.  However, he went back in to check it out and I’m sure he had a moment when he thought, “Now I’ve made it! Photo above a bog in The Admiral Bar – Yas!”

Happy thoughts

There was a male audience member who came along to Enterteasement who loved it so much that he has taken up comedy and is fighting his way through the 5 minute spots – love that we’ve inspired someone! Hopefully he’s good and we can get him on the bill at some point.  Really hope we do the same with the burlesque.

Big thanks to

The audience, without you guys we wouldn’t have a show!
The person who got whacked with the hula hoop for not suing us
The Admiral Staff for getting the lights put in to make the stage look awesome

My team

My Angels: STAR , MHAIRI, MEL for taking care of everything for me.

IAN the sound guy

WULLY  MARR Photography


The Acts (Please follow them on facebook, share the love folks)


(Buy his DVD!)


(Can be seen at the Stand every Sunday)




(Teaches Hula Hoop workshops in Glasgow)


(Is part of another burlesque company that has just moved to Glasgow so will be performing lots)


Magician for kids & adult parties…also provides hair products to salons!

The Scottish ShowGirl Sessions for donating burlesque prizes


 How Did We Do?

We think we did pretty well and by the photos over in you’ll see some happy smiling faces.  If you were at the show please leave a take the quick survey to let us know how we did.

Click here to take survey

May 11th Sold Out

Howdy, pleased to announce that we have totally sold out the May Show.  We normally sell out on the day but I can confirm that we sold out on Friday lunchtime.  If you have tickets and you can’t make it, please email and we’ll try to resell them for you as we have a waiting list for tickets.

If you have tickets and you can make it, please get down early as we only have about 90 seats and there are 120 confirmed so people will be standing.  Also, I’ve been informed by management at The Admiral that they don’t allow tracksuits…so erm, please don’t wear one or you’ll not get in.

Doors open at 7:15 and the show starts at 8pm prompt.  This isn’t a cinema time we actually start at 8pm.

If you don’t have your ticket I’m really sorry but there’s nothing we can do.  Please email and we’ll contact you as soon as tickets become available.  All the acts are nearly ready for the June 8th show so keep your eyes posted and please sign-up for our newsletter for the discount codes and the chance to win free tickets.

Comedy Magic Burlesque show May 11th Glasgow

Gary Little May PosterIf you want a good night out; but can’t decide what to do, then why not try the tapas approach and have a little bit of everything?  Experience Enterteasement’s Comedy, Magic & Burlesque show for that “Something Different” feel.

Enterteasement’s May show is all star international cast from Scotland, England, Ireland and The USA.  With another 4 ‘As Seen On TV’ performers taking to the stage Enterteasement it’s no wonder we constantly sell out.  For our May 11th show, we are delighted to welcome back some of our favourite performers and introducing 2 debuts as well.


MICHAEL REDMOND (MC): Irish Comedian best known for his role as ‘Father Stone’ in the legendary Father Ted.  He has made several other TV Appearances and is one of the best loved comedians in The UK comedy scene.

GARY LITTLE  The Top Man in Scottish comedy right now.  Having sold out 4 Shows At The Glasgow Comedy Festival and countless 5 star reviews.  He’s not one to be missed!

ACTUAL PANDA:  Ever wondered what goes through the head of Panda?  Well, Actual Panda is a walking talking comedy panda with bags of attitude.  Comedy with a difference.

PROFESSOR CALLISON:  Magical Entertainment from the slightly camp Professor.  This is the fun side of magic mixed with magic boxes and plenty of gags to keep you entertained.

STAKATTO BLUE:  Our crowd pleasing Hula Hooper.  From LED Hoops to spinning multiple hoops simultaneously; Stakatto blue combines excellent music choices with skilful choreography.

NONA NIGHTMARE:  Back by Popular Demand! After appearing on Sky Livings, ‘The Love Machine’ we’ve stolen her from the London Burlesque scene for another titillating performance.

PSYCLONE JACK:  This Californian Burlesque dancer will be making her Enterteasement Debut.  With a style described as “Not man nor woman, just a force of nature” we should be in for a treat.




Review / Round-up of April Show

Years ago there was a football manager who was asked about his formation.  He replied, “I look at the players and then pick the formation” This was very true of the April show.  We had a mixed bag of acts available but they weren’t really your normal Enterteasement lot as we had contact juggling, boylesque, comedy music and a sketch troupe to finish the show.  But they were all so strong individually that we knew they would work well together and decided to “give it a go” and hoped the football theory that ‘good players can play together’ would work out.

April 13th – Events

Running this show once a month it always amazes me how I forget how all the people involved in the show aren’t mind-readers and need information off me.  So the day of the show involves a lot of printing.  From the running orders to the stage directions it all needs to be done.

So on headlining to the venue I really was pushed for time and decided to gain some precious seconds  I would go a little faster than the silly old 50mph speed limit on the Motorway.  However, one driver didn’t like my theory and put on his flashy blue lights and asked me to come into his police car.  Note to self, when the cops ask you if you are in a rush…don’t say “yes, and if you could speed this up that would be great” they really don’t like that.

So I arrived at the venue later than normal only to discover that one of my assistants had fallen down the stairs and had to be taken to hospital.  Luckily it was only a bad sprain and we’ve sent “Get Well Soon Hugs” over and hope that combined with Paracetamol and plenty of rest she’ll be on the mend soon.

So because we were a man/woman down, the doors opened a little later than normal so we’d like to say sorry for that and thanks for being so reasonable.
Billy Kirkwood had another performance on that night so I knew he’d be arriving just before 8.  He arrived at 7:55 and went into the toilet but as the show had to start at 8 and I was introducing the moany but all important:

“Scream at burlesque, don’t talk during the acts and introducing the staff bit”

So I entered the gents and saw one cubicle door shut and said, “Billy, are you in there?”  He replied “Yes mate” It might be slightly unprofessional but I just decided to slide the running order under the toilet door and proceed to take to the stage.  You might think that’s a bit out of order but I thought since he had been in the bathroom for so long that he might like some reading material.

So, show started, people were a little quiet, the rules confirmed and then Billy’s Head appeared from the Gents and BOOM it was showtime.

The Show.

Billy Kirkwood is one of my all time favourite compere’s.  Scotland  is blessed with some World Class Compere’s but for Enterteasement Billy  ticks all the boxes.    He’s fun, playful, his audience interaction is second to none and he does wee party games and things as well.  With this show being so different to the other Enterteasement’s  I was glad Billy was at the helm and he excelled as always.

Kevin McMahon.   I’ve known Kevin for years but I’ve only seen him perform once and that was about 4 years ago.    Kevin runs the Edinburgh International Magic Festival.  Which runs for a week in June.   I run Enterteasement once a month and it stresses me out beyond belief. Kevin has about 20 magicians from all round the world, 20 venues, 40 shows over one week and even packs a proper theatre.  So it was a pleasure watching him perform but also nice in that we can share the “event management” chat and I’ll look forward to picking his brains for ideas.

So Kevin’s act included a lovely signed card to mouth, the appearance of several objects  and he finished with a trick that I first saw performed by Paul Daniels which was the toilet roll over the head.  Kevin has taken it to a new level by throwing other things over the head as well.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but it was a solid original piece that the audience loved.

Cat Aclysmic is the girl we use on our artwork and is one of our regulars at Enterteasement.  So we often get that look of “I know her but I can’t think where from”. 

Cat took to the stage with one of her signature acts ‘Hanky Panky’.   We throw Cat into the deep end at Enterteasement as we still have many people experiencing burlesque for the first time and don’t know how to react.  We’re also attracting lots of couples and the men are a bit scared to scream for the burlesque in the first half.  Cat is in her 4th year of the World Burlesque Games and is up and down the the UK performing so she’s seen it all before.  She took to the stage in a bright red sparkly dress and performed a classic burlesque routine, very sultry with some moments of comedy.  The audience’s cheered at all the right bits so we’re happy and it was a good performance to set up the burlesque in the second half.

Eleanor Morton was making her debut for us and this was also our first music comedy act.  Eleanor has a lovely aura about her, very innocent and posh.  She’s the type of girl you’d want your son to marry.  When she took to the stage the people in front of me said “That’s her from The Stand”  I don’t know if the TV show with her on at The Stand has been aired yet but it’s good to see she’s got fame already and I’m sure there will be plenty more TV appearances in her career.  Maybe one day someone will say, “There’s her from Enterteasement”.  Her act was very well received and her audience control was brilliant. Unlike a lot of comedians she uses silence in her act which is normally a terrifying experience for comedians.  However, she scripts in long silences to create tension and relieves the tension with punch lines that you wouldn’t expect from the ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ character portrayed earlier in the act.  This is especially true in her hilarious song: ‘Slightly Awkward Situations’.  Overall very good, well received and it’s good to know Comedy Music works at Enterteasement and no doubt we’ll have some more on the bill in the not too distant future.

Tom Harlow: In keeping with the music section we put Tom on stage next.  I first seen Tom perform at another burlesque night in Glasgow about a year ago we got in discussions about him performing at Enterteasement.  At the time Enterteasement was still breaking in the audience for Burlesque and just wasn’t ready for boylesque.  However, I knew I wanted Tom on the bill and if anyone is going to convert an audience it’s Tom.  Something you have to understand is that burlesque dancers have it ‘easy’ because men love boobies and women love the whole empowerment thing.  So when a women get’s her boobies out the audience will be happy (well that’s the theory anyway).  However men / boylesque performers don’t have this luxury and therefore the audience can be left slightly bemused by the whole thing.  So to get them introduced to the idea we had Tom sing first of all.  Tom has a strong stage presence and a strong voice.  He sang ‘All That Jazz’.  When he took to the stage there was an aura of “that’s not a burd”  but within minutes the audience were singing along to the chorus of “All That Jazz” So not only a good song choice but an excellent performance from Tom.

Star – Happy Birthday

Then to give Tom a few extra minutes to change into his burlesque outfit, we gave Star a Birthday Cake and we sang happy birthday to her.   There have been many nights like Enterteasement that have died really badly in the last 2 years and let’s be honest, anyone could book a venue, some acts and put on something similar; but, the one thing we have that no one can replicate is our staff and Star is indeed a wee star. It was a pleasure to present her with a birthday cake (and no Billy, it did not come from the Govan Asda….it came from the Toryglen Tesco and it had friggin Stars on it) Anyhow Star appreciated the cake so much that she left it under a table upstairs but it’s the thought that counts.  But once again – Thanks for being a member of the team and for all your hard work.  We couldn’t do it without you.   We hope when you’re big and famous you remember us!

Cat Aclysmic

Cat is one of the elite burlesque performers in Scotland which is weird because she’s from the USA.  But everything she does is to such a high standard that when she told me she wanted to try Contact Juggling at Enterteasement I was happy enough to give her the nod and we weren’t disappointed.  She even combined the contact juggling with a bit of burlesque to keep us happy.   We owe her an apology though as she used a black ball and we had a black curtain so some of her skills didn’t really show. This was our fault because the lighting wasn’t strong enough but we’ll get that sorted for next month.  Sorry Cat.  However, considering she’s relatively new to Contact Juggling and having attempted to learn it myself I can confirm it’s a really difficult thing to learn I think she done amazingly well.

Tom Harlow Strip

So it was finally time for Boylesque to take to the stage and I’ll be honest…I was nervous! However, Tom did fantastically well and even some of the hardened men (no pun intended) in the room were clapping and screaming by the end of the act.  We’ve even had requests for more boylesque from our audience…how times have changed.   Tom did say that 2 of the girls in the audience kept staring at his crotch so if you saw him adjusting himself it wasn’t a Michael Jackson move – he was just making sure the mouse was in the house so to speak.

After a short break we Billy came back to the stage and got some audience up for ‘The Catwalk’.  Ah how we love Billy, The Birthday Boy Kev, Dell and The guys house we were going back to all strutted their stuff and that injected that perfect party feel into the room.

The Colour Ham

The combination of Comedy, Magic & Burlesque is a tried and tested formulae…we know this! But, Comedy, Magic & Mind-reading?  Well having witnessed it for myself at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe I was really impressed and delighted I managed to persuade The Colour Ham up to be our headline act (it’s amazing what you can get people to do when you kidnap their goat)

Colin McLeod took to the stage and did a mind-reading trick where he asks an audience member to think of a name and he successfully guesses it.  I actually know lecturers on Mind-reading that say this can’t be done but having worked with Colin and shared a few car journeys with him (where he still wouldn’t tell me how he does it) I’m putting it down to The Real Deal and I have no idea how it’s done and it amazes me every time.  Burn the Witch.

This was followed by Kevin’s “amazing” appearance on stage, the hypnosis sketch with Gavin and An audience member and the Big Finish was with their special celebrity guest.

All of their sketches went very well and it was good to have something different from your normal Comedian to end the show.  This was part of their 2012 show but they are actively writing and performing  new material for a brand new hour long show which will be appearing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe – so keep your eyes open for them.

Most notable audience members include; Spikey Hair man, Dell, Craig, The 2 blonde hotties down the front who kept talking during the show (try somewhere else next time ladies)  Kevin (the birthday boy) whom I purchased a Gin & Milk for as it was his birthday, Jenniffer, the girl who couldn’t understand English who was from Glasgow and the Fletchers who are mini celebrities in the Magic World.   The women up the back who refused seats because they would rather have sore feet and a good view than miss any of the show.

Best comment of the night came from Graham Colvan who is a sound technician who specialises in Magic shows.  He’s up and down the county going to similar events and he said to me during the show.

“Why haven’t I been to this before?”

I know that sounds daft ; but, when you have someone in the industry who pays to attend an event and is in a bad mood that he hasn’t attended more of them…you know you’re doing something right.

How Did We Do?

If you attended and you’d like to leave some feedback anonymously then please fill in this Survey


Thanks to all these people who made the night another great success.  Feel free to add them on facebook and leave a wee comment.

Star – Our Manager
Mel – Lady Of Door

Wullie Marr: Our Photographer

Alice Black:  Sound and light.

Billy Kirkwood: Comedy

Eleanor Morton: Comedy

The Colour Ham: Comedy, Magic & Mind-Reading

Cat Aclysmic: Burlesque & Contact Juggling

Tom Harlow: Boylesque & Singing.

Prize givers:

Show Girl Sessions for their Burlesque lessons for 2 and chair dance lessons. donations

Introduction to Magic Lessons

April 13th Enterteasement Something Different Show


April EnterteasementWe have a confession…this line-up is a bit mad! At Enterteasement, Over the years we’ve had the following performances requested; COMEDY MUSICIANS, BOYLESQUE, JUGGLERS & TOTALLY DIFFERENT ACTS. So we contacted some acts and as fate would have it they were all available for The April date. We would never have booked them all for the same night unless we could get 1 compere…the man who does everything from Wrestling matches to Rockness…and he was free too. So in the words of Captain Piccard we “Made it so”. So don’t worry, the night is still full of COMEDY, MAGIC & BURLESQUE…it’s just got a bit more variety about it…it’s gonna be a blast.


The Admiral Bar: 72 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA
Doors 7:15
Show 8pm – 10:30pm (with breaks)
Cost £14 / £10 (students)
VIP Booth (6-8 people) £110
Baby Booth (limited view – holds 6) £85

Tickets from Eventbrite - Enterteasement - Comedy! Magic! Burlesque April 13th
and from The Admiral Bar (Ask behind the upstairs bar)


THE COLOUR HAM: Take a Mentalist, a Magician & A Comedian and throw in a bit of insanity and what’s created is a lovely dynamic that creates; mystery, amazement and lots of laughs. 4 star reviews at the Fringe and totally original magic sketch group.

BILLY KIRKWOOD: One of the best compere’s in Scotland our Scottish Bafta winner stormed his last Enterteasement in possibly show of the year we’re delighted to have this very funny man back at the helm.

KEVIN McMAHON: Magic Circle Magician who forms 1/3 of The Colour Ham. The man behind The Edinburgh Magic Festival will bring us some of his award winning magic.

ELEANOR MORTON: The survey results are in…you wanted a ‘Comedy Musician’ and we bring you “Funny’s Funny Female Comedian Of The Year finalist Eleanor Morton. Very funny, likeable and she plays the Ukulele.

TOM HARLOW: After nearly 2 years of educating people what burlesque is…we’ve introduced Boylesque! Don’t worry, Boylesque is a real crowd pleaser for Men & Women and Tom is an excellent performer.

CAT ACYLISMIC: She’s back! One of our favourite performers has been working very hard on a whole new genre of act so she’ll be doing something very special for us…but don’t worry…she’s also be getting her entertaining us with one of her Burlesque acts 🙂


Get Your Tickets Now!  (The Last 6 shows have sold out)



Comedy Magic Burlesque featuring The Reverend

Our March Enterteasement is a little darker than normal as we bring you a World Burlesque Games performer with a background in fetish and Evil character comedian who stars alongside Frankie Boyle. Why? Because they’re 2 of the biggest names in Scottish entertainment and we know you’re going to love them.  Also on the bill are a variety of very sexy, funny and magical acts…including Magic Circle Comedy Magician.


The Admiral Bar: 72 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA
Doors 7:10
Show 8pm  – 10:30pm (with breaks)
Cost £14 / £10 (students)
VIP Booth (6-8 people) £110
Baby Booth (limited view  holds 6) £85


The Rev PosterTHE REVEREND OBADIAH STEPEHENWOLF iii : He’s one of the biggest names in Scottish Comedy…literally. Co-Writer & star of Frankie Boyles Tramadol nights, 5 stars at his Edinburgh Fringe show, writes for 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Nominated for Scottish Bafta… very, very dark but brilliant comedian. Totally original.

MC: ANNA DEVITT: Anna’s been winning contests up and down the country, had guest appearances on The Lee Mack Show and is on a path to fame and fortune…We’re booking her while we can still afford her.

(Hint: She may be on TV later this year…that’s all I can say…we like to tease!)

OBIE: Our first ever headline act is making his return to Enterteasement. He’s one of the Scottish Comedy legends. Watching Obie is like watching a Comedian who has escaped from a mental institution, got drunk and decided to walk on stage  A MUST SEE.

WOODY: Yip, the guy who run’s the Enterteasement will be trying out a brand new act. Member Of The Magic Circle, 5 x Scottish Close-Up Magic Champion and one of the funniest Scottish magician working today.

Lottie Kixx on chessboard background

LOTTIE KIXX:  World Burlesque Games Star Lottie Kixx will be making her debut performance at Enterteasement.  She’s one of the highest rated performers in the UK so we’re delighted to have her on the bill.

TENIAH TWISTED: One of our favourites of 2012: She’s hot & a little twisted. Specialising in corrupting innocence with some cleverly thought out choreography and storylines.

CANDY POISON: Rock / Comedy Burlesque. Candy is a relative newcomer to the burlesque scene but having been recommended to us and having watched her videos…we had to have her! Her performances tell a story and take you on a well thought out journey


Tickets: Inbox, Letterbox, Pair of Socks

Inbox: Purchase tickets through Eventbrite and have the tickets delivered to your inbox.  On the day of the event just print out the ticket and bring it with you.

Eventbrite - Enterteasement - Comedy! Magic! Burlesque March 9th Glasgow

Letterbox:  Maybe you’re nostalgic and like the feel of a proper ticket…maybe you’ve just got a hot postman we don’t know.  If you would like your tickets delivered to your letterbox then please use Brown Paper Tickets.

Pair Of Socks: It’s a shame that venue doesn’t end in ox or that would have been really clever.  Anyhow, if you’d like to pop into The Admiral Bar, someone behind the venue will have 20 tickets for sale.  Please feel free to go in there.  If you’d like to buy a booth.   You’ll need to pay for the booth at the venue and contact me on or call / txt 07732147345 to make sure we have a booth available.


NOTE:  Enterteasement use The Admiral Bar Venue.  The Admiral Bar do not run Enterteasement and know nothing of the organisation of Enterteasement.  If you need any information, would like to offer feedback / ask a question, please ask Chris Dinwoodie from Enterteasement on  If your drink doesn’t come with enough ice…ask the Admiral Bar staff.

* line-ups subject to change
No talking during the acts



Q) What Do I Wear?
A) You have the choice to wear whatever you would normally wear on a Saturday night out but you also have the freedom to really go for it and dress up or even stick a corset & heels on.  Wear whatever makes you happy and as long as it’s not offensive you’ll get by the door person and be welcomed by us.
Q) Can I invite my friends?
A) Of Course
Q)  I’ve heard you get really busy is that true?
A) Yes that’s true, we sell out often and we rarely have seats left.
The venue holds 100 and we only have 80 seats so get there early or book a booth.
Q) Do you have disabled access
A) Unfortunately we don’t, if you are disabled you will have to be able to walk up and down the stairs unassisted.  When you are downstairs you can use your wheelchair but there are no disabled toilets – sorry 🙁

Comedy Magic Burlesque Live Show February 16th Glasgow

We’re back with a bang! Our Next Show is on Saturday February 16th 2013 and we’ve attracted some of the best stars in Scotland to entertain you with Hilarious Comedy, Amazing Magic and Beautiful Burlesque. 

Chris Henry Comedian with sexy burlesque girl Our MC and Headline act both have TV Appearances and the other one was ‘The Scottish Comedian Of The Year’ in 2011.

BURLESQUE: The ‘TRASH & BURN’ Girls. We have World Star of Burlesque returning to Enterteasement + our very own Britain’s Got Talent Standing Ovation Act and making her first appearance at Enterteasement will be the very HOT Goth Burlesque act all the way from Aberdeen.

MAGIC: Just a bald dude from Newcastle…and his chicken 😉

If It’s true that quality sells then THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT…FAST!
Our last 4 shows have sold out and we have a 4.5 star average customer rating…so get your tickets while you can.




Saturday 16th February
Doors: 19:15
Show 20:00 – 22:30
Venue: The Admiral Bar, 72 Waterloo Street, Glasgow
Tickets £14.00
Student £10.00 * Valid student cards folks, no “I do have a card but it’s in the hoose patter
VIP Booths £110 hold 8 people.  Once purchased we will be in contact to see what we can do to make your night extra special.
Baby Booth: £80 Holds 6 people and is in the corner


DAVID KAY:  Numerous TV Appearances, One of the most in demand headliners all over the UK.  There’s an expression about funny people “He could read the phonebook and people would laugh”  Not many people can do this…but David Kay has mastered it!!

Endearingly surrealistic” The Herald

CHRIS HENRY: This big stud has been on TV and received a 5 Star review for his first Edinburgh fringe show and just back from a year on the London Comedy Circuit.

JAMIE DALGLEISH:  Scottish Comedian Of The Year 2011 and one of the all round nice guys of Scottish Comedy Scene making a return to Enterteasement having, as one punter put it, “Aye, he really knocked f**k out that gig”…I’ll be honest…we have no idea what that means but it sounds good.

GARY DUNNPotentially ‘The Act Of the Year’ 2012.  Combining, Magic, Comedy, Ventriloquism & flirting Gary is a total crown pleaser.

Vendetta Vain in Blue Burlesque Jump SuitVENDETTA VAIN:  One of the elite burlesque performer in UK.  She’s performed all round Europe and has just returned from USA.  When she posted on FB to say she’s arrived home…we were instantly on the phone finding out when she was available.  

Somewhere between a crack addict and a blow-up doll”  The Scotsman

DAIQUIRI DUSK:  A Standing Ovation from Amanda Holden on BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT and 2 Act Of The Nights from Enterteasement…need we say more?

CRYSTINA WILDE:  If you’ve got a thing for hot goth girls…then you won’t want to miss this show.  She’s tall, stunning and has some cleverly choreographed routines.


Tickets: Inbox, Letterbox, Pair of Socks

Inbox: Purchase tickets through Eventbrite and have the tickets delivered to your inbox.  On the day of the event just print out the ticket and bring it with you.

Eventbrite - Enterteasement - Burlesque! Comedy! Magic! Feb 16th Glasgow

Letterbox:  Maybe you’re nostalgic and like the feel of a proper ticket…maybe you’ve just got a hot postman we don’t know.  If you would like your tickets delivered to your letterbox then please use Brown Paper Tickets.

Pair Of Socks: It’s a shame that venue doesn’t end in ox or that would have been really clever.  Anyhow, if you’d like to pop into The Admiral Bar, someone behind the venue will have 20 tickets for sale.  Please feel free to go in there.  If you’d like to buy a booth.   You’ll need to pay for the booth at the venue and contact me on or call / txt 07732147345 to make sure we have a booth available.

NOTE:  Enterteasement use The Admiral Bar Venue.  The Admiral Bar do not run Enterteasement and know nothing of the organisation of Enterteasement.  If you need any information, would like to offer feedback, have a complaint, a question, please ask Chris Dinwoodie from Enterteasement on


2012 – Review

2012 was a great year for Enterteasement.  We’ve learned so much and grown into a premier night of entertainment.  Not only do we have our regular audience members who attend every show the word is spreading and we are attracting a new branch of people.  We also have some top acts now contacting us to perform on the bill which is a dream come true.  Most importantly for us though is that we’re selling out every show now so the word is out and Enterteasement is hear to stay.

Always Learning

It hasn’t all been plane sailing though which is actually great for us because we evolve around the audience and that’s something that has allowed us to grow so quickly.  So we’ve had a couple of issues with the booths and therefore not only will we fix this but we’ll make the booths uber amazing in 2013.

New Team members

As the organiser of Enterteasement it’s been great for me that I have a team in place that can handle the night when I’m not there and we’ve managed to secure a sound girl Alice and another assistant Star who is great at showing initiative.

Notable Audience members

Favourite table was Caitlin’s Angels who not only dressed up “fully fledged slutty” their words not mine.  But they sang through the whole show and rocked the place.  We’ll hopefully tempt them back in 2013.

The Mad front row who had never been to a comedy show before and didn’t know the etiquette of a show so decided to walk on stage and high 5 the compere (his face was priceless).



Act of the Year

We really couldn’t pick one as we’ve had so many excellent performances.  Magic wise we had Evil Big Paul, The Camp Professor, Gary and the Mind reading chicken, The mind-reader Colin, Woody the owner and Scott from the Go Compare Advert.

Burlesque wise we’ve had too many performers to mention.  Daiquiri Dusk, Cat Aclysmic & Stakatto  Blue were our most regular performers but we also had Scarlet Fever burlesque troupe and we’ve even attracted performers from London & Newcastle to come and perform for us.

Comedy wise…where do I start?  We’ve had some of the best performers in Scotland From Billy Kirkwood, Scott Agnew, Michael Redmond, Gary Little, Bruce Morton, Joe Heenan, Anna Devitt, JoJo Sutherland.








2012 was a great success, we’ve improved the acts, the lighting, introduced a back curtain, brought in new staff and a proper sound person.  We’ve had a couple of hiccups along the way and I’m sure we’ll have some more but overall this is very exciting times for us.

Thanks for the continued support!


Up Coming Events


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