Group Tables

 Group Tables 

If you’re coming with a group of 6 – 10 people we highly recommend purchasing a table.  The rest of the chairs are set out in theater style (like the pictures, except without the fancy drinks holders).  Having a table allows you have somewhere for your drinks, you’re all seated together and you have easy access to get out to the bar / toilets etc.

They’re quite popular – one of our guests who goes by the name Jaggy Pickles, has had a table booked ever since 2013 and has never missed a show!

Each tables comes with two benches – think picnic table. Each bench holds up to five people.

There’s only three tables

There are two tables at the back of the room, and one at the side of the room.  We can add chairs onto the side of the tables to expand them up to 12 or 14 people (extra tickets need to be purchased separately.

E.g. if 12 people are coming and you want a table.  Purchase a table and two separate funky tickets.  Send us an email and we’ll have two seats next to the table for you.

Back Table

The back tables are at the back of the room, for parties of 16 – 26, we can combine these two tables and have one massive table.

Please email before booking as we want to make sure you’re not too mental for us.

If there’s 6 – 10 of you these are perfect for a good night out.  Very popular for birthday parties and get togethers.


Side Table

We have a table with some stools around it. This provides a perfect view of the stage, it is far away enough from the stage so that the compere rarely talks to the you. To reserve this table months in advance, please email us at





Q) Are there any smaller tables?
A) Sorry no, these are the only available tables.

Q) There’s only six of us coming can we get a discount on the table
A) Sorry, the table is a fixed price.  Why not say to a few of your friends to bring other people for free?

Q) What happens if we don’t book a table, but there’s one free?
A) Sometimes this happens and you’re more than welcome to sit there.  However, you don’t have it exclusively.  If there’s extra room at the table we may get them to sit next to you.

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