Comedy Clubs Glasgow

Comedy Clubs Glasgow

There are several Comedy Clubs in Glasgow ranging from 1 off nights, gong shows, comedy contests and more.  If you perform magic people will ask if you’re in The Magic Circle, If you’re a comedian people will ask if you’ve performed at The Stand.

The Stand Comedy Club

The Stand is in the west end of Glasgow and is a one of the best comedy venues in the UK.  Their show has sold out every Saturday for something ridiculous like 5 years.  They have some great line-ups and a variety of nights and have Comedians from all over the UK.  On weekends they will have 5 comedians.  During the week they might have up to 8 comedians on will bill performing shorter spots.  The Stand is the only club to run 7 days a week.

Jongleurs Comedy Club

Jongleurs has moved about a bit over the years and changed hands.  It’s currently over in Merchant City.  Jongleurs is the largest Comedy Franchise over the UK.  On a weekend show they will have 4 top Comedians on the bill.  They are also in the largest venue and therefore can accommodate larger groups easily.

Enterteasement Comedy / Variety Club.

Enterteasement have 3 comedians on their bill + several of their magicians are comedy magicians who perform at comedy clubs so you could classify that as 4 comedy acts…it would be a lie but you could say it 😉  Enterteasement focuses more on the variety and also have burlesque acts many of whom are comedy burlesque acts.

How do they all compare?

This is on the Enterteasement website and therefore it’s obviously a tad biased.  All 3 book the very best acts and are well run and have good reputations.  So we’re not going to say who’s the best as we’re all a different.  It’s not about what’s best but about what’s best for you.  If you’re wanting a night out for Comedy, go to The Stand.  If you’re looking for a good night out with a group of your friends then go to Jongleurs.  If you’re looking for something different try Enterteasement.


  The Stand Jongleurs Enterteasement
Cost £15 £15 £14
Additional Booking Fee Yes Yes No
Student Discounts No No Yes
Location West End Merchant City City Centre
Start time 21:00 20:30 20:00
Length 2 hours 2 hours 2.5 hours
Stag / Hen No Yes Yes
Food @ venue No Yes Yes
Night Club No Yes Yes
Membership Paid Free Free
Capacity 220 350 110
Days 7 days a week Thursday – Sunday 1 day a month
Number of acts 5 4 6 – 8


Glasgow is lucky to have so many premier comedy clubs and it has produced lots of great comedians.  There are other comedy nights and comedy clubs opening on regular basis but there would be too many to name and lots get cancelled at the last minute because of poor numbers.  The above are all reliable, have a regular sell out shows and a great reputation for themselves.

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