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Enterteasement is run by Chris Dinwoodie.  If you have any questions then please contact me and I’ll get back to you with a speedy response.    We keep the Facebook page updated quite regularly so chances are if you’re looking for an answer it’ll be over there or in our FAQ

Contact us

Office: 0141-2399582
Mobile 07732147345 (preferred)

The Admiral Bar / The Hold

We use the downstairs function hall of  The Admiral Bar (it’s called The Hold but nobody knows that) They do not employ us to run Enterteasement.  The Admiral will not have any knowledge of tickets, seats, the show etc.  All of those things must come directly to us. If you have a question regarding meals, drinks, location, parking, disabled access, items left after the show etc.  Then please call The Admiral Bar on 0141 221 7705.  If a show has sold out, please do not contact them for tickets.  Every month they are inundated with stories of an Aunty who has flown all the way over from Canada and can’t get a ticket – they can not get you a ticket.

The Admiral Bar
72 Waterloo Street


Please note, we are currently ok for all medications, we’ve never had a rich uncle in Africa who left us a fortune and for any sales people looking to try to sell us an amazing deal that is only available for the next 30 seconds…please don’t bother contacting us – you will be patched and we shall receive a really unhealthy dose of karma your way


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