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Date night Ideas Glasgow

“Let’s have a night out”.  It’s a great idea followed by that dread of where to go.  A nice meal, the cinema, bowling….you’ve done all those things before.  After a while they all just merge into one.  At Enterteasement around 80% of our guests are couples.  Lots of our audience have discovered us whilst searching for date nights and often return.  Some of out guests have been experimenting with date nights for years, then they discover us and make us their regular monthly night out.

So if you’re looking for a good date night with a difference then pick a date and come on down.

Why Enterteasement is A Great Choice For a Great Date night

We’ve yet to discover a good date night that doesn’t involve some laugher that’s why comedy clubs are so popular among couples.

With Enterteasement you’re getting the same comedians that the best comedy clubs in the UK use.   Now we love comedy clubs (we sometimes run one) but what attracts so many couples to Enterteasement is that something different factor the burlesque and magic brings.  Our comedians provide the laughter; but, the magic brings a sense of wonder and the burlesque brings a bit of the thrill factor.  Furthermore, most comedy clubs have a T shirt and yesterday’s jeans dress code.  Because of our burlesque factor, our guests love to dress up.  You don’t need to go mad, but if you want to, you’ll not feel out of place at Enterteasement.

What’s more, we’ve got a family run feel to our night.  At the start of the show our girls wander around handing out free chocolates and having a chat to the audience.  We find this is something that breaks the ice and when you come back we’ll try out hardest to remember who you are.

Importance of Date Nights

In a study done by The University of Virginia,  they discovered that couples who spend at least one night a week alone together say they’re more committed to their relationship than those who don’t hang out together as much. Oh, and couples who do those date nights are more than three times more likely to say that they’re “highly satisfied” with their sex lives.

Hints and Tips

Food:  There’s food, upstairs, at the Admiral.  They even have a 2-4-1 pizza deal and award winning Mac & Cheese.

Walking: If you’re taking the train into Glasgow then The Admiral is less than a 5 minute walk along a straight road so no worries about taking a taxi or walking uphill.

Parking:  If you’ve decided to drive in, there’s plenty of parking on the street…or there’s a multi-story cark park across the road (trust me you won’t need it).

Get to know us:  If trying to impress your other half, why not get to know us?  If you went to an art gallery and you knew something about the artists thoughts you’d become instantly more interesting.  If you read our line-up you’ll know a little about the acts performing and if you read our team then you’ll know who we are and you can come say hi and get to know us.  it’s a good idea to like our facebook page for updates

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