Hen Nights

Hen Nights

Your hen night is suppose  to be your last night freedom…well not really; but, it’s an excuse for a party so why not celebrate in style?  You can do the same as everyone else and attach an L plate to yourself, get some “Sexy Susan”  T-shirts printed off and get a cheesy male stripper or you could do something original, different and fun!  Let’s think about it, a good hen night should include lots of laughs, a bit of saucy sexuality and who doesn’t like a bit of magic?   That’s where Enterteasement comes in, our unique mix of the very best comedians, magicians and burlesque / variety performers make an unforgettable night.  There will be no other night like your hen night because no 2 nights of ours are the same.

There is a downside to us having such a great show – we need people to watch it.  That’s right if your friends want to celebrate, chat the whole night and get legless drunk then Enterteasement isn’t for you.

Hen Nights In Comedy Clubs

The main comedy clubs advertise that they don’t accept Hen Nights because there’s “no such thing as a quiet hen night” .  Hen nights are a bit rowdy, they heckle the comedians and talk through the acts.  That’s perfectly understandable if the girls are out for a good night out rather than there to see a show.   The thinking is normally “well we want a good laugh and we might watch some of the acts but not all of them – kinda like being at karaoke down the local”.  As you can imagine, this would work for your group but could be quite off putting for those around you and for the acts.  At Enterteasement it’s more important for us to have people want to come back rather than come once.  That’s why we put on such great line-ups and treat our customers so well when they are there.   We have a ‘No Talking During The Acts Policy’ but there are plenty of breaks and you can shout and scream during the burlesque acts.  We’ve been lucky enough to never have a problem with Hen nights and we welcome the good ones who are there to have a good night out AND watch the show!

Our Hen Nights Audiences

we’ve had several hen nights at Enterteasement most recently Pauline McCrossan who celebrated with a party of 18 taking over the left hand side of the room at our August show.

HIGHLY recommend this to anyone thinking about going, such a brill experience from start to finish. Everyone involved in it was amazing (and I’m pretty sure the other 17 folk that went me felt like we got VIP treatment too!)

We’ve also had several smaller Hen Nights with parties of 6 -8.  One of our favourites was Vivian who came with her mum and her aunt.  Her Mum and Aunt liked it so much that they’ve made several appearances since then.

The people who celebrate their Hen Night as Enterteasement are normally after a Hen night that doesn’t feel like a Hen night.  Sometimes they are quiet, non party goers, maybe non drinkers.  Others have already had their mad hen night and are now after something a bit quieter but still fun.

Hen Nights at Enterteasement

So if you think a Comedy Magic Burlesque night is for you and you’d like to bring a group of your friends along then please do – we’d love to have you and we often find Hen Nights bring a nice energy into the room.  Please email info@enterteasement.com if you need any more information or if you’d like us to arrange something special for you.  We can pass information onto our compere, and on special occasions organise for a balloon, special shout out or a booth for your guests.

After Party

After Enterteasement is a cracking nightclub at the Admiral called Pretty Ugly.  It has a some great music and we can sometimes organise discount tickets for you.  It opens at 11pm.  http://www.facebook.com/prettyuglyglasgow


Burlesque Lessons

We don’t offer any lessons ourselves, however, we’re firmly plugged into the burlesque scene and know if there are any people offering burlesque lessons on the day of our show.  Failing that, lots of our performers offer exclusive lessons so we could put you in touch.  Let us know, how many are in the group, what time, and what location suits you best and we’ll see if we can hook you up.

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