What is Enterteasement?

When you put teasing into Entertainment you get Enterteasement….So what actually is it?  It’s a variety / cabaret night featuring some of the best Comedians, Magicians & Burlesque stars in Scotland.  I call it a Comedy, Magic Burlesque night because of the connotations that a Variety/Cabaret night has.

What happens at the typical night

Well after you walk through the door you find yourself a drink and get yourself a seat.  The Compere/Host/MC comes on and chat’s to the audience.  What’s very important to remember is that  Enterteasement is a friendly environment so we don’t have a comedian who’s going to attack the audience.  We want you guys coming back so our front row is pretty safe.  Anyhow.  After the Compere, we have our wonderful magician Woody aka Chris Dinwoodie or Me…the guy who’s writing this thing.  That’s right, I run Enterteasement and I perform on the nights.  So I generally go first as it allows me to enjoy the rest of the night and event manage the rest of the night.  I perform either magic or mind-reading and basically flirt a little and throw in some comedy as well.  I’m in The Magic Circle and a multiple award winner so it’s a good show.

After the magic is over it’s time for some burlesque.  We have 1 or 2 shows lasting about 3-4 minutes.  During the acts we acknowledge that you may want to go for a drink but this is disruptive to the performers so we have an Assistant walking around who will take your drink order, this is a free charge but feel free to tip her.

Then a break where you can have drinks, smokes and chat

In the second section we have 1 or 2 fantastic comedian(s).  In the past we’ve had  National contest winners and TV comedians on at this stage.  This is followed by another 1 or 2 burlesque / variety performers.

We then have a break and in the third section we bring you our headline act.  These are always a treat.  We’ve Des Clarke on the bill from Capital Radio and many other top names.

At the End of the night we have a raffle draw and act of the night.  Part of the reason of having act of the night is the core of Enterteasement.  Our nights are so successful because we take care of the audience by giving them a brilliant line-up, a warm friendly atmosphere and table service.  However, we also take care of the acts.  We are the only club to pay all our acts.  The big comedy clubs and other smaller burlesque clubs all put on acts for free.  However, we pay all the acts and we award them an Act of the Night award.  It’s not much but sometimes when you’ve had a great gig it’s nice to have a wee certificate to match 😉

At the end of the night we sometimes have a wee after party normally located in a nearby pub or club.  This is an opportunity for you to meet some of the performers and give us any feedback you have of the night.

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