First Dates

First Dates

For a good first date you don’t need to fly to the south of France and stay at the First Dates’ hotel when you can impress your new squeeze with a top class night of entertainment right in the heart of Glasgow!

Make a good first impression by showing her you’re not just like every other guy out there.  With the invention of Internet dating and apps like tinder, girls are going on more and more dates.  If you want to stand-out from the crowd you’re going to have to do something different to secure a good night and more importantly a second date.

So why Enterteasement?

We’re more than a show, we’ve got the something different factor.  Girls love trying something new and chances are your lucky lady will have never heard of us never mind have attended one of our shows.  Because the venue only holds 120 people and only runs once a month you won’t see our posters plastered all over the place or adverts on the radio and TV.  Therefore we maintain a reputation as  one of Glasgow’s best kept secrets.   Most of our first timers reactions to their first Enterteasement experience is “How have I never heard of this before? – this is amazing!”

Dating Worries

The biggest worry most people have on their first date is running out of things to say.  Enterteasement removes this worry..  Our show is in three sections so you’re never going to have to wait for longer than 35 minutes without a chance to talk.  What’s more, we’re a conversation topic generator.  After the first section you’ll have seen a top class magician and you can see if you can figure out how he did his tricks.  After the second section you can chat about the burlesque  and after the thirst section…you can talk about coming back for your second date.

Is burlesque suitable as a first date?

According to Dita Von Tease over 70% of her audience are female.  Women love burlesque. Remember  “Faint heart never won fair lady”.  So take a chance and see what happens.  If you’re still concerned read up a little bit on burlesque and remember this isn’t a full burlesque show there’s comedy and magic on the bill as well   So go on, give her a first date to remember.


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