Group Bookings

Group Bookings

Yeah! It’s celebration time and you’re looking to have a great night out with some great entertainment.

Enterteasement might be the perfect night out for you!  It could also be a total disaster! It really depends on what you’re wanting from your night out.  If you’re looking for a show that’s a little different, we’re perfect for you.  If you’re thinking about having a good night out, getting really drunk, having a good laugh among your pals, and fancy being somewhere with a bit of background entertainment…then go to the karaoke.  For everyone at our show to have a good night we need an attentive audience.  If you and your friends are there trying to watch the show and there’s a group of people next to you chatting among themselves, taking selfies, screaming, heckling trying to get as much attention on themselves as possible then that would ruin your night so we don’t have that at our shows.  We want everyone to have a good night out, but not at the expense of others.  For people who disrupt the show all that is going to happen is our staff will have to constantly ask you to be quiet and eventually they’ll be asked to leave.  That’s not a good night out for you and it’s not what we want either so please bear that in mind before booking tickets.

Luckily, the majority of our groups have been well behaved, good fun and have brought a nice energy to the show.
We’ve had the pleasure of having several birthday parties, anniversaries, office parties and even a few hen nights.  We personally love a group booking as there’s nothing makes us happier than tickets flying off the shelf faster than a magician’s rabbit vanishing when he hears the words “hey presto”.

Good Groups

Our best ever group was Caitlin’s bunch dressed for the occasion and sang along with “Don’t Stop Believing”.  Ok, but they were exceptional.  For us a good group:

1)      Turns up on time

2)      Enjoys the show

3)      Talks during the breaks not during the acts.

4)      If one of the people in their group is talking during the acts someone in the group will ask them to save the story till the break

5)      When a member of our team asks them to be quiet, they will take the hint and be quiet (and not just till the next thought pops into their heads)

What is a Bad Group?

This is just common sense really.  There’s no such thing as a bad group, just a few individuals who don’t know how to act.  If your group has people who are likely to

  •  Heckle
  • Talk during the acts
  • Turn up late
  • Have no manners

Anyone who’s reading this will think “yeah! I’m in the good group – let’s book tickets now!”  However, remember when you start drinking this can be a whole different story.   We’ve all had a bad week at work and a few too many at the weekend rebelled against authority.   However, put yourself in the other audience’s shoes and in the people who work for Enterteasement.  The audience don’t want to hear chatter behind them and my team don’t want to tell people off.  We all just want to have a good night.  If you’d like that too then we’d love to have you.

How to Make a Group Booking

Sometimes we can sort out balloons, booths, cakes, special mentions from the compere’s photographs etc.  Please email us on and tell us what you’re planning and we’ll see what we can do to make your night extra special.   We’ll also be able to advise on seating etc.

Bookings of 6 – 8 – try booking the table.
Bookings of 14:  Consider booking a table and 4 seperate chairs
Bookings of 70 – 120 Consider an exclusive show
Bookings of 120+ Let us arrange a larger venue for you.

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