Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday’s are a great  time to celebrate.  It’s an excuse to eat cake and share drinks with your friends and family.  If you’d like to make your day that little bit more magical one to really remember then Enterteasement is the perfect choice for you.  We’re the first and only Comedy! Magic! Burlesque show in Glasgow.  Chances are your friends and family will have never been to anything quite like it before and will talk about it for years to come.

Booking for yourself

If you’re anything like us, you want your birthday to stand  out and give everyone a night to remember.  By bringing your birthday party to us, you’ve pretty much upped the bar and secured party of the year.

Booking for someone else

What a wonderfully kind person you are.  You care for someone enough to want them to have an excellent night out surrounded by friends and family.  Enterteasement will be the perfect choice as it’ll give the birthday boy/girl an experience they’ve never had before.

Let us know, we can orgainse balloons, cake, happy birthday song etc.  If there’s more than six of you, we highly recommend getting a table, there’s only three available though so be quick as they get snapped up quick.  If you fancy being closer to the action our VIP tickets are a perfect choice.  You’ll be seated in the second or third row (feel free to request the front row)

Disclaimer  – no numpties

Most families have that loud person who loves the sound of their own voice.  You know the person who would talk in their sleep and would fail a sponsored silence in under a minute.  We don’t want to be over telling our audience to shhh the whole night anymore than people want to be shhh’d the whole night.  So what we’re trying to say is…if you’ve got that person who you don’t think could sit quiet or goes a bit mental when they drink then either don’t invite them or inform them that they are going to a show and if they are going to be disruptive then they’ll be asked to leave.  We want everyone at out show to have a good night but not at the expense of those around you.  We’re trying to make it a nice friendly night out.  So keep that in mind before you book your tickets.

So what are you waiting for?

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