How do I know the performers will be good?

After the likes of Britains Got Talent and The X Factor it’s plain to see the entertainment world has more cowboys than a John Wayne film.  Trust me, I get send footage of some performers asking for fees of top performers and they’re terrible.  Also, I’ve received CV’s  of performers who have performed all over the UK and in some instances all over the world.  However, I’ve been involved in magic for 10 years, I started performing on the comedy circuit as a Stand-up Comedian 4 years ago but I’ve been going to comedy clubs since I turned 18 back in 2000 and been involved in burlesque for 6 years so I’m pretty good at picking an act.  9 times out of 10 I’ve seen the act live and apart from that I go on recommendation with video evidence.  I have never googled an act to perform on my night.  The entertainment scene is pretty small and the acts worth working with smaller than that.

Do I have to dress Up?

No.  Back when we done the market research for this people were very interested in burlesque but wouldn’t go to a burlesque club because they thought they had to dress up in Bondage gear or a PVC suit.  Someone one time said to me, “I’d come but I’m not going to have a snooker ball in my mouth all night” So we have no dress code.  Some of the burlesque world will wear a corset or suspenders or something sexy like that and If I’m being perfectly honest I think it adds to the night (well it certainly adds to my night).  However, the majority of our crowd are a comedy crowd who go out afterwards.  Put it this way, you’re not going to be knocked back at the door for your dress code.

I don’t know what burlesque is does that matter?

Nope.  The short answer is that Burlesque is a tease, it’s different from going to a strip club where the girls get naked.  In burlesque the girls do take off clothes but they don’t go naked.  Burlesque tells a story, it’s usually a themed act and it involves taking the p*ss out of ones self.

Can I come myself?

I don’t see why not – we’ll introduce you to someone else if you like – just ask.

Can I book tables?

There are three tables available at The Admiral.  There are two tables at the back of the venue and one at the side.  Each table holds approximately 10 people.    The tables have associated benches (think picnic table). The benches hold approximately five people each and there’s one each side of the table.  If you have more than ten people we can add some chairs to the side of the table.

Can I buy tickets on the night?

The short answer would be; sometimes.  Around 80% of our shows sell out.  When they sell out, we have to turn people away – we’ve had to turn as many as 80 people away for one of our shows.  It breaks our heart but unfortunately, we can’t expand the venue.  Lots of people contact us and ask,
“Can I reserve tickets and pay for them on the night?”
We know when these people 100% plan on coming but if you’re 100% coming –  just buy a ticket.  If you can’t make it on the night, let us know and we’ll try and sell your tickets and give you a partial refund or tickets to another night.

What ticket system do you use?

We’ve previously used several ticket companies but most of them are adding nearly £2 onto the ticket price which we think is too much so to save you guys money, we’ve purchased Tickera powered by WooCommerce.  It’s one of the most used platforms on the world

What happens if I lose my ticket?

Not a problem, Eventbrite will provide us with a list of people who have purchased tickets.  So we’ll have your name on the door.

Can I book Enterteasement for a private event?

You certainly can and we’ve had a few private bookings in 2012 already.  Basically you need 3 things

  1. A Date
  2. A Venue
  3. A Budget

That’s basically it.  The Things we have lined up this year are only Comedy & Magic (no Burlesque).  We’re more than capable of organising a night of Comedians, Magicians, After Dinner Speakers, Burlesque, singers etc.  So you’re not limited to our format (however, our format works – trust me we’ve tried it)  We have our own photographers, stage hands, PA System, Microphones, headsets, and Microphone stands.  So once we know what your budget and format you would like leave the rest to us and we’ll come and make your event really special.

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