Show Review: August 9th

August9thSoldOutWHAT A SHOW – The comedians were hilarious, the burlesque dancers were amazing, a chicken moon-walked and people ate marshmallows. The acts were great, our staff were great, the audience were fantastic -(only 2 spilled drinks the whole night) What’s even more amazing is that a quick nosey around Facebook revealed the rest of Glasgow’s comedy audiences were rude, heckled, talked through the acts etc…we  had people helping out bringing drinks back to the bar and turning the fans on and off for us!

Before the show

Tickets went on sale a little late for this show for several reasons

  • Being too thick to figure out how to install the new booking system
  • Enjoying those mystical 4 days of summer often known as “Glasgow Summer”

So I was a bit concerned that we might be empty but in the last week the tickets started flying out and we sold out on Thursday, 2 days before the show.  I had every faith this show would sell though as it’s a very strong line-up with lots of our favorite acts.


Billy Kirkwood

Billy KirkwoodTake a genuinely nice, funny guy, throw in some Red Bull and a mild case of ADHD (the condition, not the Rock Band) and you’ve got Billy Kirkwood. Billy just done a gig in Inverness then drove 3 hours straight to Enterteasement.

Before the gig started, a phenomenon occurred, people raced for the seats at the front. People are normally scared to sit at the front of a comedy show in case they get picked on – with Billy, you want to be in the front because he leaves you with that feeling that he’s everyone’s best friend. Billy done all his funnies and even played a game of Cuddily Bunny (Fluffy Bunny for anyone outside Ayrshire) where our resident front rower Derek was defeated by Enterteasement newcomer Tracy (I think that was her name)

Yet another Word class performance from a man truly at the top of his game right now.


Gary’s always goes down well with our audience…and let’s be honest , if you’ve got a moonwalking chicken you’re acts pretty much going to be safe no matter where you go. ‘Colin The Chicken’ dances, did stunts and eventually found a spectators chosen car. There’s a point in the act where you find yourself completely forgetting it’s attached to wires and 2 bits of wood and you realise you’re laughing, screaming and showing genuine concern for a puppet.

Then he made a human puppet from a spectator. The spectator was excellent and he played along to the songs and dances. The whole act was held together with joke after joke and got us off to the perfect start.


Mackie’s been in the comedy industry for a long time and even when he’s slagging off Billy Connelly and telling horrible jokes about his daughter he still looks like a big cuddly Santa. Graham told one of my favourite jokes of his about the Shawshank Redemption happening in Greenock Prison. The highlight for him had to be when he got heckled. Graham does a lot of compering and is a match for anyone throwing an insult his way but on this night a comment from the audience flew under his radar and took him by surprise. He was telling a story about going to a make-up counter to get some foundation for his daughter, an audience member (Gemma) said “Uh Oh”. Nobody else heard this but it gave Santa a short fit of the giggles. Hopefully she’ll stay off his naughty list at Christmas and not end up down his celler (You had to be there)


VendettaaugjpgVENDETTA VAIN

Vendetta was the first real top professional that we hired and since then she’s always been one of our favorite acts. She’s moved to London now so we don’t a chance to see her often; but, when she’s available we’re always the first one to snap her up. She did her Russian dance for us which has really unusual music that encourages the audience to clap along to. This ends with a fan dance and the trademark Vendetta pose. Most girls, do a quick pose then run off stage but Vendetta poses for a perfect picture and well deserved round of applause.

Her second act was a balloon pop act to the track Rhinestone Cowboy. In complete contrast to her powerful first act this one was more about fun. Every time a balloon popped more of Vendetta was revealed all followed by another fantastic pose. Great acts – thanks Vendetta – hope to see you again soon.



Daiquiri has been flying the flag for Scottish Burlesque for the last 7 years. In the last few years she’s done great things and now is not only a burlesque performer but a burlesque teacher, writer and maker of nipple tassels – don’t you just hate these multi-talented people!?

One of her many claims to fame is a Britain’s Got Talent performance where she received a standing ovation from Amanda Holden. So if it’s good enough for Amanda, it’s good enough for us. Her, Bonnie Lass act that starts with a cheeky Scottish poem then finishes with a Highland dance burlesque act.

Excellent and well received.




Michael is an Irish comedy legend, I don’t know if he ever had his marbles but he’s MichaelRedmond3definitely lost a few over the years and the madness just adds to the comedy. Who could get 5 minutes of comedy out of eyebrows? However, one of the best laughs of Michael’s set was a heckle. He was doing his set and was talking about how small jockeys are and someone shouted:

“Are they small or far away” ( A reference from Father Ted talking to Dougal about cows – Michael Redmond was Father Stone in one of the episodes)

Surprisingly as well he also done a bit in his set where he asked the audience who he looked like. In my 14 years attending comedy clubs and watching it on TV I’ve only ever heard 2 comedians do a “Who do I look like?” segment. Maybe the audience had a “he looks like a…” feel to them. Great set and a wonderful applause & screams at the end.


Our team, yet again, were fantastic! For this first time ever, I don’t think I was stressed on a night and I think this is only the second time we’ve had Cupcake, Star and Lindsey working together. It’s great having people who are great at what they do who genuinely care about what they do.

Charity: You guys Raised £75 for charity via Bathbombs, Minions and raffle. Most of this will go to Bwindi hospital and some will go to a local donation.

Audience: It’s not quantity…it’s quality, but when you have quality and quality – you’ve cracked it.

Chris Matthews: Took 9 people for a night out, Derek, Tamara, Chris Whitehead, Jaggy Pickes, George & Ann Price, Ryan & Kelly, Neil & Jo, Ricky & Carly, Jackie(aka wee burdie) Jo and Gemma, Zoe’s party of 6, Alan King….and the rest of the 120 people were all fantastic.

SADLY: Kev from the Admiral is leaving for pastures new. He’s been great for us, discovered a way of setting up the chairs with the canter passage & has helped out with the sound.

Next show – See Billy Kirkwood on our Woody’s Comedy Club Full Launch night on
May 30th

Enterteasement: September 13th with yet another great line-up including 2 acts we’ve never seen before. One of Holland’s top magicians & one of the founding members of The Funny Farm.  Tickets go on sale soon.

August 9th show

poster for showEnterteasement’s Comedy Magic Burlesque show on Saturday August 9th show is a showcase of our favourite all time performers. Over the last 3 years we’ve established a 4.7 average customer rating and a reputation for selling out quick. We’ve managed this by creating a friendly environment and some of the best performers from around the World. On August 9th we’re delighted to put on a frighteningly strong bill of As Seen On TV Comedians, Award Winning Magicians and International Burlesque acts. Go on celebrate your weekend and try something different.



Best known for his part in Father Ted where he played Father Stone – Michael is an Irish Comedy Legend with numerous TV appearances and has been described by Stewart Lee as having “The Greatest Opening Line Ever!”


Winner of ‘Best Scottish Compere 2014’ at the Scottish Comedy Awards. Billy’s done everything in Comedy from hosting at the most prestigious comedy clubs; music festivals & ICW wrestling matches. However, we feel his high energetic, playful, friendly style makes him perfectly suited to Enterteasement.


2 x Finalist in Scottish Comedian Of The Year and guest Star in the BBC’s The Limmy Show Christmas Special. Graham Mackie looks like Santa and his delivery of stories from his teaching days and family will make you think Christmas has come early.


Gary is a Professional magician from Newcastle who mixes Magic, Comedy and if you’re lucky a mind-reading chicken! A previous Enterteasement ‘Act Of The Night’ winner, Gary’s act will leave you amused & amazed.


Described by ‘The Scotsman’ as “Somewhere between a crack addict and a blow-up doll” Her unique style & amazing stage presence have established her as one of the top burlesque acts in the UK if not the World. She’s an International Performer, World Burlesque Games star and is simply unmissable!


4 Yeses from Britain’s Got Talent and a Standing Ovation from Amanda Holden. Since Then Daiquiri has become an International Burlesque Sensation recently becoming a Finalist at the prestigious Milan Burlesque Awards & has just returned from The World Burlesque Games.

Next Show August 9th

ten-of-hearts-pin-up-girlHi guys, just a quick update.

As many of you know with Wimbledon, The World Cup, Summer Holidays, T In The Park we take July off – we tried to go up against these guys a few years ago….and we lost badly.

We’re going to install a new booking system as some of our regulars were having problems with the other one.  It will work very similar but just in case anyone things there’s been a change fear not it’s basically the industry standard one and there’s quite a few comedy clubs using it.  This will also mean that we can sell tickets to more than 1 show at the time – yeah!!!

June 14th Comedy Magic Burlesque Glasgow

Poster for June ShowOur June 14th Comedy Magic Burlesque show will present death defying magic, beautiful burlesque and hilarious comedy from some of an all star cast of award winners and TV stars.  Enterteasement is still flying the flag for variety with a 4.7 star average customer rating and 2 years of continuous sell out shows this is not one to be missed!

Eventbrite - Enterteasement: Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! June 14th


Parick Rolink:  Finalist in ‘So You Think Your Funny’ back in 2003, Patrick is a regular on The Jongleurs tour and travels the world with his loveable fusion of old fashioned jokes and modern story comedy.

Julia Sutherland:   Very flirty, high energy family fun from the former BBC presenter turn Stand-up comedian.  “Very funny… an astute outsider observer” – Scotsman

Ray Bradshaw: 2 x ‘Scottish Comedian Of The Year Finalist’ Ray is one of the most in demand compere’s in Scotland.  His relaxed, friendly, welcoming style makes you think you’re watching the show from the comfort of your living room.

Alan Rorrison:  With a CV James Bond would be proud of:  Creative Consultant for Dynamo & Troy, Alan is one of the most ingenious minds in magic.  in 2012 he appeared on Penn & Teller Fool us and Fooled Master magician Penn Jelitte.

Miss Helle’s Belle: Nominated for ‘Best Debut’ at Miss Exotic World 2010 and Director & performer at Scotland’s Largest 1920’s night The Gatsby Club.  Miss Hell’s Belle is an excellent, classic burlesque performer and Enterteasement favourite.

Hettie Heartache: Channelling the allure of the 30s-50s Hollywood starlets  Hettie is a World Burlesque Games Performer  specialising in classic burlesque – if you’re allergic to feathers…don’t sit near the front.

SHOW: 8 – 10:30
Doors: 7:15
Venue:  The Admiral Bar, 72 Waterloo Steet Glasgow, G27DA (2 minutes from Central Station)




Woody’s Comedy Club

Congratulations!! We’re expanding!

Enterteasement is without doubt one of the biggest successes to come out of Glasgow in recent years.  Not only do our audiences love our shows our acts love performing for us.  On a recent chat with some of our comedians it I’m  told when you get booked for Enterteasement it’s one you look forward to in the diary.  We always assumed that had something to do with the lovely ladies or the fact it’s something different from their normal comedy night – we were wrong (not for the first time)  Although the variety is part of it, it turns out the main reasons are:

  1. It’s aWoody's Comedy Club great room for comedy.  Low ceilings, close audience, plenty of seats, stage, lights etc.  The Admiral was recently nominated for ‘Best Comedy Venue over 100 capacity’
  2. Professionally run.  We have a sound guy, running orders, door staff and we fill the venue, yes even the top guys are still gigging in front of 9 people because most promoters don’t know what they’re doing.
  3. Great Line-ups.  Lots of the strong acts are often the only strong act on the bill so they have to work the audience or spend their whole night giving newer acts advice.
  4. Great audiences! Lots of other comedy rooms rely on stag & hen do’s who talk through the show and spoil it for the comedians.  The Enterteasement audience know how to be quiet and above all, have a good sense of humor and are up for a laugh.

Enterteasement Presents

Woody’s Comedy Club will be run in the same Professional yet informal manner as Enterteasement.  We’ll provide you with excellent comedy at a reasonable price.

Eventbrite - Woody's Comedy Club Launch May 31st

Poster featuring The ReverendLaunch Night May 31st

Billy Kirkwood:  “Enterteasement’s Favourite Compere & Scottish Compere Of the Year 2014”
Reverend Obadiah: “Evil Comedy Genious – writer & Star of Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights”
Susie McCabe:  
“Best Support Act 2014”
– Scottish Comedy Awards
Ro Campbell:Scottish Comedian Of The Year 2008″
Gary Meikle: “One of the most exciting new talents in Scottish Comedy”

Show Details

Doors 7:15
Show 8:00 – 10:30


(At the 3 big comedy clubs, these tickets would cost £15 and may include a booking fee, by joining our newsletter you can get the tickets for £9!)
Student £9,
Booths £50 – £80 (6 – 8 people)
Venue: The Admiral Bar – 72 Waterloo Street Glasgow, G27DA

Full Details:



May 10th Review

May 10th Enterteasement Review

What a night! What a SHOW!!! The acts were incredible, the audience were perfect – I’m just sad to say it’s over! Here’s a wee re-cap on the journey.

The Story

We always try to put on the very best line-ups with the resources we have and over the we’ve had some quite spectacular shows. However, this month was one of those months that for some unbeknown reason some of the elite of the Comedy, Magic & Burlesque world were free. It’s been our biggest show ever and the first time we’ve actually provided travel & accommodation for the burlesque acts. (Travel = Train, accomodation = they stayed at mine). This was our most expensive line-up and to balance things off a little we increased the price by £1. Boy you guys didn’t like that!! and it showed in the ticket sales! After our February & March show successes where the tickets sold out in up to 3 weeks before the show I thought this show would have been similar to Robbie Williams doing a warm-up gig for Michael Jackson! But no! The tickets went very, very slowly and for a while I thought we’d actually be empty. However, on the day of the show we sold the last 24 tickets and had a nice busy room.

The Show

STU WHO? Compere / Comedian

Stu Who ComedianStuWho is a very special acts for us. He’s known as The Godfather of Scottish Comedy and he’s been there from the start and literally done it all. TV, massive theatres, working with celebrities, travelled the world etc. Whenever a comedian asks me for advice I say, “Add StuWho on Facebook, watch what he does, find out where he gigs and learn.” He’s a guy who does everything right – When I informed him I’d forgotten to print of the running orders he said, “It’s ok I’ve brought my own” Now that’s professional! It’s always special for me having Stu on the bill because I remember the first time I asked Stu to do Enterteasement, he hadn’t heard of us as we were still quite new and he’s one of the acts who normally only plays the big clubs / theatres. To my surprise he was free and he had a question / condition. it wasn’t changing rooms, poster, description – a bowl of blue smarties. He asked:

“Is it a fun gig?”

I said yes and he signed up and luckily for us he loved the gig and has been back twice since then.

Before I (Woody) took to the stage to go over the house rules I was a little worried as the audience were really quiet and there was a lack of energy in the room. I said to Stu “I’m a bit worried as there seems to be a lack of energy in the room” Stu simply replied, “Well I’lll f***in fix that!” And that’s exactly what he did.  Stu took to the stage and with a commanding performance took charge and got the show the audience laughing and ready for the first act.

Great compere!! – Kirsty Wilson

COLIN CLOUD – Mentalist

Mind-reader A Trendy Sherlock Holmes walked onto the stage and after some lighthearted interaction with the audience he chose 2 people at random to come on stage. One audience member was to think of a word and the other was to think of a card. It just so happens one of the people he picked was Gary Meikle – one of our comedians from March. It was quite funny to see Gary who’s got great stage presence on stage sh***in himself as he was so excited to be involved in the trick and worried people might recognise him and think he was a stooge. Colin, Successfully read what card Gary was thinking of and what word the woman was thinking of.

He then gave the audience the chance to think of any question they wanted. He picked the birthday girl and figured out she came from Irvin, had 2 cats and knew what the names of the cats were.

He finished on his signature piece which not only amazes me; but, really annoys me as I’ve seen it several times and I can’t figure out how it’s done. Colin asks a member of the audience to think of a Surname and just by looking at them figures it out. It almost too perfect; but is one of the closest things to real magic I’ve ever seen. Great performance from one of Scotland’s future big named stars.

Absolutely loved the mind-reader guy never seen anything like that before – Margaret McGeoch

LULU ROXX – Blonde Burlesque

LuLu RoxxAll the way from Newcastle the World Burlesque Games Best Newcomer 2013 came to stage with a fantastic act involving Maracas, an umbrella.  . Not only is Lulu beautiful but you can tell as soon as she walks on stage that she’s a trained dancer. Every step was clearly thought out, she interacted with the audience, flirted and had lots of high impact moves to get great reactions from the crowd.  Her first act was of a cheecky Swedish girl who came on with the a trench coat and stripped while teasing the audience.

Her second act  was more fast paced with a bump and grind edge and big impact moves.  This had the big finish of some glittery champagne which covered some of the audience.  Most of whom loved it except the girls with the fake tan in the front row.

That bendy blonde girl was amazing – I want to marry her – Hazel Murray

TILLY TASSLE – Burlesque

Tilly Tassle Burlesque act with champagneLULU’s partner in crime came to the stage with the same level of class, beauty and stage presence. Now I have to appologise becase I’m not uptodate with my gymnastic terms so there were cartwheel / handstandy type things, splits and bending in ways normal people can’t bend. All in time with the Boom Town music and totally spectacular. This act started slow, then there was a music change into a higher energy act The finish for this act was a champagne finish (one of the classics in burlesque) and it was an excellent way to finish the first half.

Her second act introduced an Enterteasement first – ‘Talcum Powder’  This was combined with some glitter and hidden in a large feather fan.  When she waved this it created a glittery smoke that temporarily covered the audience.  The act started slow but after a music change she changed tracks to a more upbeat song and introduced a mixture of acrobatics and balletic dance movement creating a circus inspired spectacle.

 Smoking hot burlesque – best I’ve ever seen


Rosco McSkeleton ComedianReal Name Rosco McClelland, Rosco used to be a Stand-up comedian, pretty good and decided to do the Skeleton as a one off at Halloween. Unfortunately for him it went really well, it was unique, original and a breath of fresh air for the Scottish comedy scene. If you haven’t seen it, imagine a Glaswegian Jack Dee with a skeleton painted on his face. He takes to the stage and in a very deep voice he delivers his terrifying true tales to the audience. His slow delivery creates a tension in the audience as they’re dying to laugh but at scared to miss the punchline.

it was absolute class! loved every minute of it as did our audience. One of his punchlines caused our photographer, Stuart Crawford, to buckle over nearly dropping his camera in the process.

Also, something that surprised me was the amount of women who came up to me after the show to say,

“See that Skeleton – he was so sexy” – numerous women

JANEY GODLEY – Headline Comedian

Janey Godley ComedianJaney has been on our bucket list for 2 years which is quite ironic because after crossed her off the bucket list I added, ‘Buy new bucket’ to my shopping list.

To my surprise Janey has never performed in The Admiral Bar (we bit of trivia for you – Billy Connelly has – sadly not at Enterteasement) So I think she was pleasantly surprised when she walked through to see seats a stage and a full room of happy punters (that’s quite a rarity). I’ve never seen Janey do the same set twice – she just opens her mouth and funny comes out. When the audience stops laughing she starts again. It was one of our strongest headline performances we’ve had at Enterteasement with her twitter jokes and stories of her husband going getting great reactions.  We’ve now had 7 female comedians and 2 female comedy magicians and after each show people always come up to me and say; “I don’t normally find woman funny but she was amazing”. I don’t book people to ‘tick a box’ I book people I think our audience will like (rant over). They didn’t like Janey they loved her! She walked off stage to a tremendous response and it was a shame she had to run to another gig as she would have heard yet another great reaction when Stu closed the show.

[after seeing Janey]  Need more botox, my laughter lines are now back.  Mrs Murray


For over 120 photographs visit

Funny stories

Kick the bucket: After the burlesque girls done their champagne routines, I mopped the floor – the novelty value seeing a man with a mop seemed to make some of our female audience members happy. The novelty value quickly wore off for when I ended up breaking the fu**in bucket – doh!

Born Winner: At the start of the evening I introduce the house rules and some bits of housekeeping.  One of which is that you can win free tickets by filling in the comment cards.  When I walked off a male asked if I was collecting the comment cards yet.  I said “well the show hasn’t started yet so you how can you have any comments about it? “  He’s responded, “I just really want to win the free tickets” 

Real men wear pink: Regulars come in different shapes and sizes but one of our guys Mike, has asked to take booth 1 for the next year!  Very impressive.  Mike turns up every month but we’ve noticed that he’s got a thing for his favourite white shirt.  So on his reserved sign last month we wrote, “We think you should wear a pink shirt next month”.  As Mike’s a real man – he own’s a roofing company, we thought – there’s no way he would wear a pink shirt.  However true enough – he arrives wearing a pink shirt and 007 cufflinks just to keep his manly status 🙂

Strange answer: Colin Cloud asked an audience member to think of someone they knew.  He then said, “And when was the last time you thought of this person?”  Any normal person would think about this for a while and probably not know and say “last week”, “I don’t know, “a while ago”.  Our audience member was more specific, “When did you last think of this person”  He instantly responded “Friday”  (Maybe you had to be there – but it was funny)



We went upstairs and had a drink and all just really had that feeling of “that was brilliant”

We received the following comments:

“Best Enterteasement Ever”

“Best Burlesque you’ve had at Enterteasement”

“Best Stand-up Comedy Show i’ve ever Attended”

“Miles better than The Stand”

“Best night out I’ve had in 3 years”

“Colin looks trendier every time”

“What’s it called when you want to pump a skeleton?”

After the show the girls came back to mine and what lovely girls they are. You look at these 2 stunnng girls and you think DIVA and you’d be wrong – amazingly down to earth. As they’d been travelling the whole day and performing at night I was going to take them out for something to eat and where did they choose? McDonalds! When they left, the tidied up and made the bed and couldn’t have been nicer or been less hassle.

See Our Acts Again?

If you would like to see any of our acts then please add them on facebook check them out as they tour all over and why not spread the love by hitting the like button on their page and telling them you enjoyed their act. That would be your good deed for the day and would encourage them to grace our stage oncemore.


JANEY GODLEY: Can be seen gigging all over Scotland and you can listen into her award winning (and very funny) weekly podcast done with her daughter & fellow comic Ashley Storie.,

ROSCO MCSKELETON: Skeleton Comedian:

COLIN CLEOD: (Mind-reader) Performs at the Stand Monthly & lots of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe,,

LULU ROXX: Blonde Burlesque Girl: Part Of The Headline Honey’s who travel the UK.,

TILLY TASSLE: Dark Haired Burlesque: Part of the The Coquette Collective (Mixed Burlesque troupe)


without you guys there wouldn’t be a show, so massive thanks to all of you including:

The party of 13 for Kirsty Gale. She send us a facebook message to say the day after to say:

“We all had a fab night last night! Thanks again for helping with the tickets!”

Chris Whitehead: Chris has been at our last 3 shows but he is a special audience member. He draws some of the acts. We asked him why he does this and he said, “I go to a lot of shows and I get so much from them that I just wanted to give something back” What a great attitude!

Ashish: Has now been to the last 3 shows and says they just keep getting better.

Byron & Fiona: These guys came to see StuWho about 7 months ago and fell in love with Enterteasement. They come most months now and bring different people with them and always look glamorous.

The Superfans / Hardcore regulars / the ever presents . Tamara & Derek, George Price (who came on his lonesome), The Early bird & photobomber, Neil – who never told me it was his birthday!! (ya fud – I owe you a pint!), his crew is so big it now has sub-crews from Jocelyn. Oh, and where’s Stephanie?- That’s 2 shows she’s been missing, if it hits a third show I’m reporting her missing.

John Brown: John attended our very first show and this is him finally coming back!

Ami Lee:  Booked the booth at 5pm on the day of the show.  Found the gig because someone in the group had said she had seen Janey and wanted to see her again.  Ended up with one of them being a burlesque dancer and wanting to perform for us – small world.

JAGGY PICKLES: Our main fan who can be found on booth 1 – he loves the show so much he’s just asked if he can take the booth until further notice 🙂

Big Thanks To

Our Team: Cupcake, Star, Amanda, Stuart Crawford, Lindsey Leeper.
The Admiral:  Who’ve been great with us – we heard great things about the burgers!

Next Show

JUNE 14th – Tickets on Sale Soon

May 10th

May 10th PosterEnterteasement is a Comedy Magic Burlesque show that sells out every month, we have a 4.7 star average customer rating…and IT JUST GOT BETTER! The May 10th Line-up is potentially our strongest of all time! This is NOT A SHOW TO BE MISSED!! The line-up for this month will probably be stronger than any show in the UK and it’s right here in Glasgow. Only 130 people get to see it! Get your tickets now!

The Queen of Scottish Comedy: More 5 Star reviews and sold out shows than many could dream of. Janey is simply one of the funniest comedians in The World!

The Godfather of Scottish Comedy! One of the original members of STV’s The Funny Farm, Stu is a Comedy legend who like a fine wine keeps getting better with age.

One of the most unique character acts to come out of Scotland in the last 5 years. What was created as a ‘one off’ has become an act not only audiences love but comedians love watching.

The Forensic Mind-Reader / Mentalist. Colin has appeared on BGT & Penn & Teller ‘Fool us’. Widely regarded as one of the most entertaining mentalists in the world!

World Burlesque Games Star ‘Best Newcomer 2013’ Lulu is a stunning blonde with excellent choreographed routines. Quickly establishing herself as a burlesque star on the World Level.

Worls Burlesque Games Star, International Performer and Model! Tilly is a fiery redhead is a takes classic burlesque routine and adds a modern twist.

April 12th | with Billy Kirkwood

April show posterOur April 12th Comedy, Magic, Burlesque show will be mixing a few different themes of entertainment ; but we’re sure this’ll only add to the something different aspect and the quality of the acts will shine through.  Are you interested in;

Fun Comedy / Dark Comedy / Intellectual Comedy – Tick
Dark Burlesque  / Sweet Burlesque / unusual Burlesque – Tick
People who haven’t performed with us before/ returning favourites/ award winners/ As seen on TV Stars….the list goes on and all it needs is a great audience – is that you

Recent Comment Card Quotes

“The Stand meets Club Noir” 
“Fantastic Night – Can’t wait to come back”


BILLY KIRKWOOD: delivering universal childhood nostalgia with punchy comic rhythms and a dynamic on-stage presence. Billy, recently crowned, Best Scottish Compere 2014, will be injecting fun, excitement and laughter.

BRUCE FUMMEY: Bruce is a top rated comedian / after dinner speaker who has just returned from a comedy tour of Australia. Bruce is a storyteller who focuses on his life experiences & observations of Scottish Culture from a West African viewpoint.

HARRY GARRISON: Harry is a Scottish Comedian Of The Year Finalist, but he doesn’t tell jokes…he sings them. Yes this multi-talented man is a comedy musician with the help of his trusty guitar and dark sense of humour you’ll find yourself laughing then feeling guilty afterwards.

PROFESSOR CALLISON: The nutty professor is back. Winner of The Scottish Conjurers Association Stand-up magic contest The Professor mixes, magic, comedy and madness for a delightful experience.

LUNA TIKTOK: Finalist for the U.K.’s ‘Alternative Model of the Year 2014, Luna will be making her debut Enterteasement performance. She studied at The New York School Of Burlesque and presents well choreographed routines fusing several styles to create powerful routines.

DAISY CUTTER: Our ‘Gangsta Showgirl’ As seen on ‘Come Dine With Me’, Daisy is a hot rockabilly, tattooed bombshell from England. She’s currently on tour of Scotland so we’ve snapped up for a Glasgow performance. we’re sure you’ll enjoy her unconventional routines

ROSIE WHINE: Our wee blonde hottie naughty will be returning to Enterteasement by popular demand. Don’t let her Innocent look fool you, Rosie will capture your imagination with well choreographed routines and excellent stage presence.


March 29th & 30th Glasgow Comedy Festival

Enterteasement poster GICFIt’s Glasgow Comedy Festival time and Enterteasement’s Comedy Magic Burlesque show is planning on taking the place by storm!! So for our first ever Glasgow Comedy Festival show we present  an extra special line-up and 2 chances to see us!!  This is very much a ‘BEST OF ENTERTEASEMENT’  with some of our all time favourite acts returning and just to make it sweeten the deal we’ve thrown in an International Burlesque star.  Saturday 29th March and Sunday 30th of March. 

Eventbrite - Enterteasement: Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! March 29th

All 3 shows this year have sold out in record time so don’t leave it too late to get your tickets!


JOJO SUTHERLAND:   Comedian and Actress, JoJo is one of the most in demand Headliners on the Scottish Scene.  She has a slightly dry / dark side to her but always very funny and an Enterteasement favourite!

“A performer the audience could have watched all night” The Herald

CHRIS CONROY:  The friendliest MC in Scotland.  Most comedy rooms fill from the back with the worry that the compere might pick to you.  With Chris the room fills from the front! He’s got a loveable welcoming style and a big stupid face.

JAMIE DALGLEISH:  Scottish Comedian Of The Year 2011.  Glasgow Humour at it’s very best.  No puns or jokes, just good old fashioned pub humour.   Jamie’s a natural born storyteller.

CHRIS DINWOODIE:  Magic Circle Magician and 4 times Scottish Close-up Magic Champion.  Combines world class sleight of hand with cheeky charm for an amazing and entertaining experience.

NONA NIGHTMARE:   Back by Popular Demand! After appearing on Sky Livings, ‘The Love Machine’ we’ve stolen her from the London Burlesque scene for another titillating performance – Nona is born performer

STAKATTO BLUE: Professional Hula Hoop performer and teacher.  Stakatto Blue combines excellent music choices with skilful choreography routines.  An all time Enterteasement favourite!

JASZ VEGAS:  International burlesque dancer, model & TV Magician.  Jasz has recently finished a tour with Burlesque on Ice  and will be making her Enterteasement debut for us before returning to London.

Tickets – please be careful which month you select

March 8th Sold Out.

Sold out Poster for March 8th showMarch 8th Show has sold out smashing our previous record of selling out two weeks before a show by selling out three weeks before the doors even opened – tickets sold so fast I didn’t even have time to start the advertising, no posters, adverts, registering on websites etc – just a facebook event and a newsletter and boom – Sold out!

If you have your tickets, we have a couple of minor changes to the line-up.  Joe Heenan will now be headlining and Chris Forbes will be compering as himself not as his Character act Damien Crow.

So have we actually sold out? Do we keep tickets spare? If you phone up and say “pretty please” will a magic ticket appear? Unfortunately not – we have well and truly sold out so if in doubt please read Sold Out to see why we can’t sell any more tickets for the March 8th show – we have already had to say no to twenty people so sold out means sold out.

The good news is that your chance to see a show in March is not over. We have another two chances to see one of our shows in March.

March 29th & 30th Shows

Please be careful, these tickets are for Saturday 29th March & Sunday 30th March. Every month when we put on extra shows people always buy tickets for the wrong month So please check what show you’ve selected before hitting the purchase button.

Both shows have the same line-up but be warned, the March 29th show has a lot of interest already with 30% of the tickets already reserved.

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