Sold Out

Hi there, if you’re reading this I’m assuming you’re trying to buy tickets for one of our shows that is marked as ‘Sold Out’,  firstly thankyou for taking an interest in our show, if you’ve been to our shows before you’ll know they are very busy and we have a reputation for selling out.  We are really sorry to say that we have sold out and that there are no tickets left.

What does Sold out mean?

Sold outEvery month we have several phone calls and asking us what sold out means and people saying they need extra tickets.  The simple way of looking at this is money.  By us saying no to you we are saying that we cannot take any more money from you.  This is a business and our shows have to make money to survive.  The more people in our venue, the more money the bar makes, the more people who experience our show and will be likely to come back to your shows / tell their friends etx.  There is no extra effort on our behalf if there is 30 people – 130 people.  So this isn’t that this is more hassle or more effort for us – it simply means the venue is not big enough.

When the 130 tickets are sold we say SOLD OUT.  If the venue held 131 then we would sell that extra ticket every month.  The Capacity of the venue would become 131 and when we sold all of those tickets we would say “Sold Out”

Isn’t there room for just one more person to stand at the back because they have traveled all the way from the Canada and all their friends are coming and they only have one day left to live and this show will save their life?

I’m really sorry but extremely moving circumstances can not move the walls back an extra couple of inches and extend the capacity.  On our facebook page & event we keep people upto date with how many tickets are available and we update the website daily with a countdown on how many tickets are left.

Do the Admiral have any tickets?

No. The Admiral do not have any tickets remaining – please do not call them and ask them for tickets as all they will do is come onto the website and see sold out and inform you of this.  The Admiral do not employ us, we do not work for them.  We book the use of their venue and they provide the barstaff etc.  But they do not have any knowledge of our ticket sales nor do they sell tickets for us at their venue.

* Early in 2013 we tried selling tickets through The Admiral for people to pick-up at the door but it became too difficult for us to manage because we never knew how many tickets were at The Admiral.  Luckily, we’re selling out now through our own system so we can manage things easier. 

Is there a waiting list?

We do not have a waiting list sorry.  We have many friends and regulars who on the day of a show will look for tickets and will request them.  Unfortunately people only tend to cancel very last minute and if they do they very rarely tell us.

What happens is someone cancels, can I buy their tickets?

Yes, the trouble comes in finding someone who can’t make it.

How do I get tickets for future events?

We’re currently implementing a new system that will allow us to sell tickets a few months in advance.  The best idea is to join the newsletter (Look right – it’s over there) .  We send this out every month with discount codes and a contest for free tickets – we suggest you join this.  We only send out one or two newsletters a month so it won’t bombard you.

Absolutely desperate?

Right, if you’ve read all the way down to the bottom – here’s my final offer.  Make me an offer. I’m sure if you were to say to one of my guests I’ll give you £1000 for a ticket they would all say “take mine”  £100, I’m sure 90% of them would sell you one.  £50…I’m sure you’ll get someone will sell.

This is an absolute last resort.  What we will not do is send it out for £10, then £20 then £23 etc.

What we will do, in rare occasions, if you are absolutely desperate is send out 1 email with 1 offer.  We don’t want to do this – it causes us more work and pesters our ticket buyers – buy you never know you might be lucky.

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