Howdy folks, last week we sold out so if you haven’t got your tickets yet then there’s no point coming to the show as it will be mobbed and I’ll have the door lady the beautiful Fiona under strict instructions not to let anyone in.  I could have sold another 20 tickets for this in the last few days but the venue will be full so there’s nothing I can do.
However, please contact me regarding future events on April 6th, May 18th and June 22nd.  We’ll be in a bigger venue then so won’t sell out as quickly next time.

For all of you who have your tickets.  Congratulations!!! We handpick the acts and we know you’re going to love hearing them and no doubt you’ll want to tell everyone about how brilliant a night it was.  So remember you can talk about the acts AFTER the night and DURING he BREAKS but NOT DURING THE ACTS.

There is NO talking during the acts.  If you want to have a chat – please go out side the venue.  You’re not only spoiling it for yourself, you’re spoiling it for the acts and the people around you.  If anyone around you is talking please inform a member of the team and we will ask them to be quiet.  If they continue to talk they will be asked to leave.  If they continue to talk they will be removed.

We take this very seriously and provide burlesque table service during the acts so we’re trying to make this as enjoyable night as possible for you.

ALSO: There are limited seats so unless you get there early chances are you will be standing.

Up Coming Events There are no upcoming events at this time.


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