PRIVATE PARTY – Friday Night show

This event has been privately booked.  No you can’t book tickets for it, even if your really, really good.

If you have been invited then you’re in luck, you’re in for a great night to help Celebrate Harry celebrate the big 50.

What is it?

Here’s the story, Harry came to our show and loved it so much he’s decided to book us for his Birthday.  So you’re getting 3 award winning Comedians, 2 International Burlesque acts and 1 magic circle magician.  Afterwards there will be a DJ and throughout the night there will be some surprises.

Don’t know what burlesque is?  That’s ok.  It’s about the tease not the sleeze, it’s a bit of fun  – Channing Tatum runs a burlesque club and everyone likes him so no one’s gonna judge you.

Now as this is a show we need you to understand out very basic rule.
Don’t chat among yourselves when the show is on, it means the people around about you can’t hear what’s going on and it’s disruptive to the flow of the whole night.  Save the catching up with people to the breaks.

People on stage = no talking

No one on stage & music playing = chat away – breaks will be provided is what we’re saying but please remember there is a show on.

Where is it?

The Admiral Bar, 72 Waterloo Street Glasgow, G27DA (It’s downstairs)


If you’re coming by train, get off at Central station,come out the side next to the Grand Central Hotel onto hope street.  Across the road you’ll see Waterloo Street – how easy is that.  You’re about 3 blocks down so a 3 minute walk.  There’s two cash lines on this road if you’re looking to pick up some last minute pennies.

Driving and Parking

You can’t park on Waterloo street, however there is lots of street parking available.  If you drive in via the M8, chances are you’ll come along Bothwell street.  Your satnav will take you along to Wellington Street then up Waterloo street. What you’re better doing is come along Bothwell street until you see the Clock on the corner.  Take a right there (Blythwood Street) and park anywhere.  If there’s no parking between Blythwood Street and Waterloo street, just cross the road and there should be parking there.  It’s free after 6pm.  There is also a big car park there, but why pay when you can get it for free?  In 7 years of coming to The Admiral, I’ve never struggled to get parked so you should’t either.


The show starts at 8pm.  So I know what you might be thinking “Oh, I’ll arrive at 8” Noooo, you want to get in, see Harry, drop off a card / gift etc.  Hang up your jacket, wait in the queue for the bar, get a smoke, talk to the people you haven’t seen for a while.  If you can do all this between 8pm and 8pm then you probably live in a phone box.  Get in at 7:30.   If you can’t make it in for then, then cool. But if you arrive and the show is on, grab a drink and a chair quietly and wait till the break to mingle.

Dress Code

It’s a party so don’t turn up dressed as a tramp / football top etc but apart from that, feel free to wear what you want.

Do you need a ticket

Harry will be sending out invites. We will have a door person on to make sure no one sneaks in.

Do I need ID

If you look under 25 then yes, bring it.


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