September 14th Review: Chris Conroy, JellyBean Martinez, Stakatto Blue

Howdy, firstly let me say the September 14th show has been receiving lots of positive reviews, we had a lot of new faces and a nice batch of old faces.  One of our performers pulled out with this mad cold that’s going around at the moment; however, she was replaced by one of our favorites.  I’m glad to say that we SOLD OUT again and we gave Vendetta a great send off so thank you guys.   I ( owner of Enterteasement / writer of report) sadly wasn’t at the show so I can’t really give a full report of what happened.  However, from what I’m reading on the survey’s and from a few people I’ve spoken to I’m told this was one of our best shows yet and I’m getting glowing reports about:

  • Chris Conroy as being very friendly, funny and got the crowd going superbly well.
  •  Stakatto Blue tore the roof off the place with her LED Hula Hoop routine
  • JellyBean Martinez brought the house down with his unique blend of comedy & singing

If you have not filled in the survey please do because all feedback is appreciated, listened to and considered. It’s totally anonymous and is only 9 questions long.

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Survey Feedback


I’m getting lovely reports about how Star handled the Stag do and surprisingly how the Stag do were really well behaved.   I’m also hearing about “The Vibe” in that we create a nice friendly vibe.  Someone once said “they felt so relaxed watching our show it was like watching it in her front living room”  We love that and the performers love that they can jump off stage and interact with the audience.  I’m also hearing that the audience were a bit scared at first with Chris because they thought they might get picked on.  At Enterteasement we know this is your Saturday night and we want you to come back so we don’t book those types of acts who will be horrible to you.  So next time, sit back, relax and if the compere talks to you feel free to chat back.  I’m told that once you got going and believed Chris wasn’t Frankie Boyle in disguise you opened up and gave the acts a good response so thanks for being nice to my acts!


We’ve also had some feedback about the venue not being big enough, not enough chairs and the set-up of those chairs being cabaret over theare style.  I want to point out firstly that we really appreciate your feedback and we do listen.  The Admiral Bar is our 4th venue in 2 years and we moved because we listened to our customers.   The Admiral have been great with us and they believed in us back in the days when we were bringing in 60-70 people.  Now we’ve grown and we’re managing to fill the place we’ve even personally purchased 14 chairs for the Admiral and we’re trying and get another 6 but unfortunately that’s the best we can do.  If we moved to a bigger venue, we’d lose our intimate feel and truth be told…there aren’t any other venues that are city center, with a good PA system, stage, lighting & a changing room.  The Admiral staff have also been very accommodating with us and there team are very laid back and friendly which fits with our ethos.


There seemed to be a problem with some people paying with paypal via Eventbrite.  If this happens could you let us know what it is.  We’ve used a few ticket systems in the past and Eventbrite is the easiest to use for us and for our customers.  However if it’s causing any problems we’re happy to leave them.  As Jerry McGuire would say “Help me Help you”


Special Thanks to

The Audience

Nick Donald:  Nick came to the August show and then booked the back two booths for his birthday.   He is now considering booking a booth…every month!

The Stag Do: After a bad start of turning up late and having a chat they settled in and behaved nicely and joined in on the fun.

Kate for coming back after a few months away and bringing a lovely crowd, dressing up and being marvellous as always.  When I saw her she said, “I’d get up and give you a hug…but I can’t”

The Acts & Staff

Al Coyle: Person who takes pictures http://www.facebook.com/parlourphoto

Alice Black: person who playes music and setter upper of things http://alice-black.com/

JellyBean Martinez:  funny person who sings songs http://jellybeanmartinez.com/

Chris Conroy: funny person who brings on acts http://www.chrisconroycomedy.co.uk/

Allan Park: funny person who talks about relationships http://www.facebook.com/misterpark

Vendetta Vain: burlesque person who gets her boobies out.https://twitter.com/Vendettavain

Stakatto Blue: spinner of hoop who likes flashy lights http://www.glasgowhulahoop.co.uk/
Gary Dunn: tells jokes, does magic and plays with his monkey http://www.garydunn.com/

Star : Manager, teller of people to shush, hander out of chocolates, picker up of clothes

Jamie-Louise:  Assistant, picker up of clothes, handing out of chocolates, assisting hosting

Lisa: Lady of the door, signer of stag-do’s bum

Gary & Jazzi:  Back-up muscle in case of terrorist attacks, invasion of aliens

The Admiral Bar: Provider of venue, bar staff etc.
Our Next Show is October 12 and features yet another fantastic line-up.  We hope to see you there.  Tickets on sale soon.

August 10th Glasgow

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We’re proud to present another hand-picked line up of the very best COMEDY, MAGIC & BURLESQUE performers. This combined with our relaxed friendly atmosphere and hard working team has allowed us to achieve a 4.6 star average customer rating, regular selling out shows and a reputation as one of the best nights out in Glasgow. So come down and join in the fun and spice up your weekend.


RAYMOND MEARNS: Comedians just don’t get any better than Raymond. Described as ““A Genuine Improvisational Genius” by Frankie Boyle, this Bafta Award Winner rose to the top of The Scottish Comedy Scene and just stayed there ever since.

ANNA DEVITT: As seen on Britain’s Got Talent and newly crowned Best New Scottish Comedian from The Scottish Variety Awards. Anna is flying back from London for a special performance.

SUSAN McCABE: Scottish Comedian Of The Year Runner up, Susie is a natural story teller This Loveable Storyteller has burst onto the scene and was . Naturally Funny

MISS HELLE’S BELLE: Born in the wrong era, this stunning 1920’s Burlesque dancer will be performing classic burlesque with her own wicked twist

GO GO AMY: Winner: Seattle’s Sexxiest Cover gir Amy is an International Burlesque Star on tour from The USA. This is her 8th tour and thankfully she’s heard about The Glasgow Burlesque Scene and we snapped her up as soon as we saw her.

UNEASY ALLIANCE: A double act from England. Featuring Britain’s Got Talent Magician Simon South and Take Me Out Burlesque Sensation & Magic Assistant Fleur De Mal.  This is sure to be something extra special.
Saturday, August 10th
Doors 7:15
Show 8 – 10:30
Tickets £14 / £10

The Admiral Bar: 72 Waterloo Street Glasgow (5 minutes walk from Central Station)


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