January 11th – sold out

Hi Guys, we would like to inform you that in absolute record timing we sold out the show for January 11th.


Q) What time does the show start?
A)The Admiral is an upstairs downstairs bar. The Upstairs bar is open from 11am. You can go into the upstairs bar at any time. Our venue (Downstairs) will open at 7:30pm, She show will start at 8:30pm prompt. Real time not cinema time. Please ensure you are seated for the start of the show.

Q) What time does the show finish?
A) The show should finish at 11pm,  This might run over or under by 5 minutes or so.

Q) Does the Bar sell food?
A) Yes, some yummy pizza’s and burgers among other things.

Q) Is the venue fully seated downstairs
A) No, we have about 100 chairs and we have about 120 at each show. This is 83% seated which is considerably higher than several other well established comedy clubs in Glasgow. If you are unable to get seated, please feel free to rest your feet upstairs and you can bring your drinks upstairs and downstairs with you.

Waiting List – the only possible solution

If you would like to add your name to the waiting list then please do below.  If any tickets become available we will email you.


This unfortunately for us means that we have to spend the next 2 days answering the questions;

1) I know it says sold out, but has it sold out?
2) Are there tickets available on the bar?
3) Are there tickets available on the door?
4) We have already purchased a group of tickets and now we need one more, is there anyway you could squeeze another person in?

Even the best reason in the world does not extend the room.  The more people we have in the room the more money we make and the more money the bar makes, so if there was the remote possibility we could squeeze another person in we would do that.  However, to we sadly can not.

1) It is Sold out
2) There are no tickets behind the bar, please do not phone the bar they will only look on the website, they do not have any access to tickets or ticket information.
3) There are no tickets available at the door
4) No, full means full.

We’re really sorry guys but we have shows on every month and sometimes 2 or 3 a month.

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