At Enterteasement we are blessed at being able to choose from some of the best Stand-up Comedians not just in Glasgow but in the world.

What is Stand-up Comedy?

If you’ve never been to a comedy club you’re missing out.  Stand-up Comedy is when the comedian / comic stands on stage and entertains a group of people with their own material.  This is very important because we all know someone who knows lots of jokes and is very funny however if you’re on the comedy scene you cannot perform someone else’s jokes/material.  It’s basically a crime and you’ll get blacklisted.  This however means that when an audience comes to see a show they’re not sitting in the audience thinking, “heard it

So Why Does Glasgow Have the Best Comedians in the World?

Billy Connelly is known as the Godfather of modern comedy and still sells out all over the world but fast forward a few years and you have Frankie Boyle who was the best on all the chat shows and now the main man is Kevin Bridges.  So why in the whole world is Glasgow producing these superstars?  Well one of the reasons is that we have so many comedy clubs.  Comedians from all over the world come to the UK because comedy in the rest of the World isn’t that popular.  I’m Told that in Toronto Canada there’s one comedy club and it’s only open at the weekends.  In Comparison Glasgow alone has 3 massive comedy clubs plus 3 or 4 outhers.  In Glasgow you can see comedy 7 days a week.

What Comedy Is Not

Lots of people go to a comedy club for the first time and think, “I’ll test the comedian, everyone loves it when the comedian get’s heckled and he comes back with a really funny put down”


Comedians have well scripted and rehearsed material.  You’ll be surprised to hear that when a comedian is put on stage for 10 minutes if he only has a window of about 20-30 seconds either side of the 10 minute mark.  When a heckler interrupts it can add another 30 seconds onto the time of the comedian which means he has to speed-up to get to the end of his set.

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