New booking system coming next month.

The new ticket system will come into play next month.

Duck hitting PCI’ll not go into the reasons why – it’s a great system – it does about 100 things really well, unfortunately selling tickets isn’t one of them.  So we’ll use eventbrite for the time being and might swap it over between now and February but more likely after the February gig.

When it’s live it’ll be a easier for you guys to use and you’ll be able to purchase tickets months in advance rather than the current, month by month way of working at the moment.  Plus, I believe it’s easier to take credit card payment, rather than taking the card payment via paypal which has confused a few people.

If we do swap systems there won’t be any problems with using the eventbrite ticket – in the past we’ve ran 5 different systems simultaneously for one show without a any difficulty for the guests.

We’ve never had any problems with Eventbrite, it’s just that it costs us £700 in booking fees each year and this other system is just a one off cost for the year.  So it keeps prices down, allowing us to keep the ticket prices lower than our main competitors.

Sorry for the hold-up.

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