Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! December 8th SOLD OUT

December 8th – Christmas Party Show

Why is it companies are always championing ‘Think Outside The Box’ but when it comes to the Christmas party they have the same old Christmas party night out?  Well now’s your time to change that, try something new, exciting and fun….try Enterteasement.  Our Comedy Magic Burlesque shows have a 4.7 star review and have a reputation for selling out fast.

Warning – it’s not us, it might be you!

One of the comments we regularly receive is about our warm, friendly atmosphere.   This is one of the main secrets to why Enterteasement has been a success for the last seven years.

Therefore, this isn’t a show for people to be disruptive, get blootered and chat continuously though the show.  If someone in your party is a blabbermouth either try somewhere else or don’t invite them as we will end up removing them and you’ll probably end up leaving with them.  If you’re up for a laugh and a good night out, but know how to behave in a civilized manner then please continue – if not that’s best for both of us.

Tickets (SOLD OUT)

Ticket Type Price Cart
VIP Reserved Saturday December 8th £16.50

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Funky Ticket: Saturday December 8th £14.75

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Student Saturday December 8th £10.75

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Group Table Saturday December 8th £120.00

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