December 21st – Headline Gary Little

Enterteasement PosterEnterteasement presents a Christmas special of Comedy, Mind-reading & Burlesque! Enterteasement is a premier night of the very best performers in Scotland. Don’t believe us? Try two Britain’s Got Talent Performers, 5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe from three of our performers and our Headline act had not one but four SELL OUT SHOWS at last year’s Glasgow Comedy Festival! (That’s unheard of!)

Eventbrite - Enterteasement Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! December 21st

Gary is one of the most highly rated comedians in the UK. His Initial show at The Glasgow Comedy Festival sold out so quickly three extra dates had to be added! How did he do it? No Advertising campaign (he doesn’t even have a website) he’s just got brilliant patter and an amazing joke telling ability. The man is on fire right now.

Colin’s Derren Brown like skills were given the thumbs up by all 4 judges on his Britain’s Got Talent audition. He also appeared on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, received 5 star reviews from The Edinburgh International Magic Convention AND The Edinburgh International Comedy Festival.

4 Yeses from Britain’s Got Talent and a Standing Ovation From Amanda Holden. Since Then Daiquiri has become an International Burlesque Sensation recently becoming a Finalist at the prestigious Milan Burlesque Awards & has just returned from The World Burlesque Games.

Nominated for ‘Best Debut’ at Miss Exotic World 2010 and Director & performer at Scotland’s Largest 1920’s night The Gatsby Club. Miss Hell’s Belle is an excellent, classic burlesque performer and a joy to work with.

When Daiquiri and Hell’s Belle combine their talents it wasn’t “2 heads are better than 1“; but, ” 4 boobies are better than 2″ This is one of the greatest acts we’ve ever had at Enterteasement, fun, naughty, playful, original and a total crowd pleaser. Previous Enterteasement ‘Best Act Winner’ and everything burlesque should be.

A Rising Star of Scottish Comedy, having already supported Russel Kane (I’m a Celeb) Jenny Eclair & Daniel Sloss he’s being described as:

“Part-philosopher, part-observer, part-surrealist” The Scotsman

Scottish Comedian Of The Year Finalist and has received 5 star reviews of his debut Edinburgh & Glasgow Comedy Festival shows. Chris; style is his real strength, he’s the boy that never grew up; very friendly, playful, quick witted and to top it all off he has lovely blue eyes.


December 14th

December 14th Poster

December 14th

This show has sold out – please do not contact us nor The Admiral Bar For Tickets as there are none.  Our next show is December 21st.


Enterteasement’s Comedy, Magic, Burlesque show shall be presenting yet another showcase of the very best entertainers in the UK.  Our shows regularly sell out and our average customer review for 2013 is 4.6 stars (out of 5).  As it’s Christmas, we’re happy to announce this show is full of headline acts!  We’ve given it the Christmas feel by bringing in a Bad Santa, some snow and as always our girls will be unwrapping themselves to some classy tunes.  As Christmas is about getting presents you normally wouldn’t get for yourself we’ve tried something a little new with the magic.  We’ve taken it old-school with an International sideshow / carnival type performer.   Borderline magic, burlesque and body stunts.  Remember guys, this show isn’t for life…it’s just for Christmas so miss it and it’s gone forever 🙂


Eventbrite - Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! December 14th

Line up


Comedian and Actress, JoJo is one of the funniest compere’s on the Scottish Scene.  She has a slightly dry / dark side to her but always very funny

“A performer the audience could have watched all night” The Herald


Mr blue eyes himself will be closing the show.  Since being a finalist in Scottish Comedian Of The Year back in 2009, Chris has travelled the UK and received 5 star reviews for his solo shows at the Edinburgh & Glasgow Festivals.


Ok it’s not Santa; but he does look like Santa, Grey beard and all.  Last year Graham Mackie Compered for us and was outstanding!  Naturally funny and loveable.  He even pops down to Enterteasement when he’s not on the bill.  Runner up In Scottish Comedian Of The Year and Enterteasement a favourite 🙂


Rachael is an International touring sideshow act.  In 2013, she’s performed on 3 continents already and we’re delighted to FINALLY have her on our show.  So what is sideshow?  it’s hard to describe but if you think ‘Sexy burlesque magic with a dark side’ you’re on the right lines – We might not know exactly how to describe it…but what we do know is you’ll be talking talking about her act Monday morning.


Simply the best name in burlesque.  This pint size princess is currently the smallest Burlesque act in Scotland and it’s a title she’ll not be losing any time soon.   She’s been living in Tokyo for the last year and when we booked her as soon as she got off the plane back in Sunny Glasgow 🙂


Daiquiri is an International Burlesque star! Since receiving a standing ovation on Britain’s Got Talent from Amanda Holden she’s toured the globe and this year was a Finalist at the prestigious Milan Burlesque Awards & World Burlesque Games.


DOORS: 19:15
SHOW: 20:00 – 22:30
DRESS CODE: Dressing up is welcomed but not required (smart casual minimum)
TICKETS: £14 / £10 (students)


November Review

Enterteasement has been and gone and what a night.  Even if I do say so myself that was one of the best shows we’ve ever put on.  The atmosphere was electric,  every act nailed it and we couldn’t buy a better audience! If you were one of our audience and would like to leave some annonymous feedback please take our quick 10 question survey Click here to take survey



Sukki Singapora was leaving the venue and two of our audience members chased her down the street for an autograph!  (yes boys and girls…she is that good!)

Joe from the front row described the night as “The best night of his life“.  He’s trying to book the whole front row for next month!

Two of our regulars take it in turns to buy tickets and they never spoke to each other as they both turned up having purchased two tickets each (four instead of two!) and had that lovely moment of, “didn’t you get them last month, no I thought this month was my turn”

Our raffle contained an adult version of the classic Rubber Duck known as ‘Duck With A D**K‘.  At the start of the night everyone thought that was too rude and a bit tacky, at the interval people purchased the tickets for the other prizes and at the end when the tickets were drawn…everyone wanted the duck and the first thing chosen was old Ducky himself.  Everyone in the audience was secretly disappointed!

The Show

Ray Bradshaw Comedian

Ray Bradshaw

Lots of people think that the MC for the evening will interact with the audience and attack them by making fun of them etc.  Ray’s at the totally other end of the spectrum.  He talked to our rather rowdy audience as if they were pensioners on a Sunday afternoon;  nice, relaxed and very friendly.

He shared stories about his recent charity adventures in his ‘Challenge Ray’.  My favourite had to be an interesting encounter involving tattoos, cage fighting and naughtiness.  Not only did he make everyone laugh throughout the show but he kept everything on time as well.

Ray’s fairly active on twitter / facebook so please follow him to keep up to date with his challenges.

Woody the Magician

magic woodyDisclaimer:  Woody the magician is also the reviewer of the show so this may be a little biased.

It’s challenging to change from Enterteasement organiser into Cheeky Chappie Magician.  I think this was apparent when I got on stage and found 2 spare chairs in the audience and tried to get some of the people standing to sit down.  I decided to do some of my tried and trusted routines using my ropes  and the cup and ball.  For the cup and ball I lucked out by getting an excellent spectator called Brian who made the routine come to life with Keith (the other spectator).

My Big finale was a trick with a spike where I get audience members up to move the spike about and I successfully managed to destroy all the cups except the one with the spike under it.  People love and hate this trick because it’s awesome but really scary as well.  Overall, I was happy with the performance.


Harry Garrison

Harry Garrison Comedy

Making his debut performance for us and what a debut it was.   Comedy music acts are generally well received and can get by on the novelty value; however, Harry is a not only a very talented musician / singer…he’s also very funny.   The expression “He had the audience in the palm of his hands” is overused these days; but, Harry had everyone holding onto his every word.  Every time he finished a song there was a fear that it might be his last. Then as he started another one everyone got excited again then laughed, screamed and clapped.  He could have gone on for another 30 minutes and the audience would have been with him every minute of the way.  A great talent, very likeable funny and we can’t wait to bring him back in 2014.

Scarlet Fever Burlesque

Scarlet Fever Burlesque

This is Scarlet Fever’s fouth appearance for us and they never let us down.   Really interesting choreography, excellent music choices, costumes – the full shabang.  They are a neo-burlesque or new burlesque themed act.  They use modern music ; chairs and masks as props instead of the more classic fans and feathers.  Their second act for us was especially powerful as they performed with very eerie white masks and appeared from the audience.  They built lovely suspense and no one really knew where it was going and then boom! Tainted Love came on the atmosphere in the room was electric!

Sukki Singapora

Sukki Singapora Burlesque

Where do we start with this girl, She’s not on a different level, she’s on her own level.  She’s one of those few people in the world that’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and trust me – she’s absolutely stunning.  Spoke to one of the Superfans and he said, he caught her eye when she walked in and his heart skipped a beat.  She performed 2 acts for us.  The first was a fan dance which worked beautifully as it mixed the Asian fans with classic Jazz track, the second act was more upbeat which was great because our audience were suitably warmed up by now and received applause whoops and cheers throughout.  Both acts were great, well thought out and totally original not only a true world class performer but a joy to work with!




StuWho Comedian

Stu Who ComedianStu is one of the most respected comedians in Scotland and is one of the reasons we actually have a Scottish Comedy Scene.  Years ago when there was no such things a comedy clubs / comedy night.   Stu and guys like Fred McCauley were doing gigs in pubs and setting the rules for how comedy nights should run.  He’s been performing comedy for over 20 years, been on TV, performed in front of thousands and  every time he gets on stage he gives it heart, soul & passion.  It’s incredible to think a man in his early sixties heavily medicated to fight off a baw bag of a cold performed with more intensity than many a healthy twenty year old could dream of.   25 minutes later he even threw out  a song and left the stage with a thunderous applause.

What’s more I awoke on Sunday morning to find Stu had described us as 10/10 and the finest gig in the city at the moment.  Wow!  Friggin Wow!!! That makes all the hard work worthwhile and inspires us to keep improving.

After Party

We met Mini Me!! Yes, Enterteasement were invited up to meet the man himself, we even fist pumped his little hands.  To round off the night in perfect style there was only 1 thing left to do…Get Sukki Singapora a fish supper and a can of diet Irn-Bru.


Thanks to everyone involved.  Pamela our superfan for having another birthday with us and being perfectly well behaved.  We bought her a cake and candles and we friggin forgot to bring it out – doh! However, the balloon horse made up for it slightly (Pamela loves horses!) .

The front row were excellent, really good crowd on Saturday.  We even had the self policers!  i.e. normally when our audience chat during the acts we have to ‘remind them to be quiet’.  However, the audience never gave us a chance because on the rare few moments there was chat they immediately turned around and gave a “Shhhh!”


Star: the manager
Jamie: the assistant
Iain: the sound guy
Samantha: the lady of the door
Stuart the photographer:

Harry Garisson:
Ray Bradshaw:
Sukki Singapora:
Scarlet Fever:
Woody the Magician:

Next show: December 14th.

Tickets already going fast!

  • Chris Henry:  5 star reviews from his Edinburgh Fringe Show
  • JoJo Sutherland:  Dark and hilarous comedy from one of the funniest women in the Uk.
  • Graham Mackie:  Scottish Comedian Of The Year Runner-up
  • Dolly Tartan:  Pint sized princess
  • Daiquiri Dusk:  International Burlesque star
  • Rachael Renegade: International Sideshow magic/burlesque performer

November 9th

Enterteasement’s next Comedy Magic Burlesque show will be on November 9th.  Our last 3 shows have sold out and we have an average customer rating of 4.6 stars!  One of the great things about Enterteasement is the variety and something different appeal,  well when it comes to something different we have burlesque from Greenock & Singapore.  That might be a world first!  So come join in the fun and experience TV & Award winning comedians, Magic Circle magic and some of the best burlesque…in the world!

Eventbrite - Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! November 9th



One of the Founders of STV’s The Funny Farm, a regular headliner at Jongleurs and all round good guy Stu Who? will be returning to Enterteasement.  On his debut Enterteasement appearance he gave a comedy master class and we’re over the moon to have one of the finest headliners in the UK back with us.


Scottish Comedian Of The Year Finalist and not only one of the funniest; but, one of the friendliest Comperes in Scottish Comedy.  There’s no fear sitting in the front row with Ray.


Scottish Comedian Of The Year Finalist, Harry Garrison will be providing some comedy with his trusty guitar.  He’s got bags of talent and is one of the most in demand Comedy Musicians in Scotland.


Highly regarded as one of the most phenomenal Burlesque Artists of our time. Sukki is on tour of the UK and we’re delighted to have her.  She’s been Crowned “One Of The Most Beautiful Women In Burlesque” (Female First) and has received a Royal Invitation to Buckingham Palace.


These girls are one of our all time favourite acts.  They have high energy, well choreographed routines and are real crowd pleasers.


 One of the funniest magicians in Scotland, 5 x Scottish Close-up Magic Champion and Scottish Comedian Of The Year semi-finalist.  He also owns Enterteasement and will be making a rare appearance.


DOORS: 19:15
SHOW: 20:00 – 22:30
DRESS CODE: Dressing up is welcomed but not required (smart casual minimum)
TICKETS: £14 / £10 (students)

FAQs & Things you should know.

What’s the dress code?

(No Trakies, football tops etc) Please make an effort – it’s fun to dress up 🙂

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No.  If you could that would be helpful but if not you can show it on your smart phone.

Is the Venue fully seated?

No – we have about 90 seats and we have a regular attendence of 110 so there is normally 20 people standing.  Please get there early to get a seat

Can I reserve a seat

No – if you would like a seat please get there early or reserve a booth.

Review October Show

Cat Aclysmic Burlesque

If you were there and have a few minutes, please fill in the survey to help us know how we’re doing

More Seats

We purchased 4 chairs for the venue, we know it’s not much but that’s 8 feet that didn’t wake-up with a hangover from the night before.  We also now have another 6 stools brought down from upstairs so we’re going to try to keep this for every show.  So 12 extra people got seats for this show.  Sorry we’re not fully seated yet but we’re over 80% seated and we do limit the ticket sales to ensure there’s not too many people standing.


The Show

Bruce Morton Comedian

Bruce Morton Comedian

Bruce took to the stage and was chatting to the audience.  Since we start at 8pm rather than 9pm we usually get off to a slow start and the audience are a little nervous of the compere.  Bruce came on nice and relaxed and done a great job compering and kept the show on time.  The highlight had to be the tooth joke that he started in the first section and kept it going throughout the whole night.  The piece about the “he said, she said, you said, we said”  was also incredible and received a great round of applause from the audience.   Once they were warmed up it was time for our first comedian.

Susan Murray Comedian

Susan Murray ComedianSusan came onto the stage and in a strong English accent announced she was from Glasgow…it’s actually true!  She moved to England to further her career and the English accent has infected her 😉 So the audience were a little confused at first but she won them over.  Her chat with the audience was excellent.  We discovered that one lucky gentleman in the audience perhaps didn’t love his partner but she did love…erm, pleasing him.  He seemed happier to inform us of that than she did though.  Next up was a lovely looking young thing in the front row.  Conversation moved into tattoos and the girl in the front row very innocently announced that she had 2 tattoos, 1 Japanese symbol and one butterfly.  Susan asked her, “Where’s the tattoo and she responded, “On my arse”  Her timing was brilliant but unfortunately she wouldn’t show us it.

Cat Aclysmic BurlesqueCatAclysmic Burlesque

Cat Aclysmic came on stage and I don’t think she’s ever looked better.  She performed a very classy burlesque act and it was a great start to the show and allowed the audience to relax into the whole burlesque thing.   Cat came back onto the stage to perform one of her new signature pieces.  Not many people do comedy-burlesque and even fewer do it well but Cat really does it exceptionally.  She had her new devil routine and kept the audience guessing what was going on but the big finish was just amazing!  I won’t spoil it – just go and see it.

Dee Christopher -MindReader

Dee Christopher MagicianDee opened with a classic mind-reading effect in which vocal tonalities and body language are measured to see who is telling the truth.  3 white stones and one black stone were handed out to audience members and Dee successfully managed to find who was holding the white stone.  Next up was the chance to win a member of the audience.  A female was brought onto stage and chained up.  4 male audience members were then brought onto stage and 5 keys were displayed.  If the audience member chose the correct key it would unlock the padlock and they could keep the girl.  After 4 unsuccessful key choices were made, Dee revealed the only remaining key fitted the padlock and the women was freed.  Dee then closed with a cludo type experiement where a murder weapon was found amonst different people’s


Rosie Whine – burlesqueRosie Whine Burlesque

Rosie came onto the stage and her energy was fantastic. She really knows how to engage with the audience.  Burlesque is about telling a story and rather than simply taking off clothes her clothes were her act!  Yip, her outfit was an octopus and as each tentacle/ leg / arm (whatever an octopus has) was removed to show more of Rosie.  It was a fantastic act and a fantastic performance – this was only Rosie’s first performance for us but it certainly won’t be her last!

The Reverand Obadiah Steppenwolfe III

Reverend Obadiah SteppenwolfeThe reverend came on and immediately started slagging off our manager Star.  His dark style isn’t for everyone but it’s certainly original.  Jimmy Carr once said his favourite type of laugh was when someone laughed then groaned after it because they felt guilty about laughing.  That’s what The Reverend’s whole act is!  Skilfully offensive and very funny.



Backstage Gossip:

Facebook Friends

We’ve known of Susan Murray for 3 years and Dee Christopher for over a year.  Because these guys are down in England we don’t really get a chance to see them so it’s good that Enterteasement can bring us all together. 

Highlights of the night

1) Returned home to a friend request from someone who was at the show.  She mentioned what a great time she had.  She has always wanted to see burlesque and her friend bought her a ticket for her birthday.  She has now decided that she wants to take burlesque lessons and she’d like to perform for us one day.  This makes us very happy.

2) Our lady of the Door, Lisa, held her camcorder perfectly still for 20 minutes to film one of the acts…only to realise she forgot to press record.

Bad stuff.

The CD player at The Admiral is very sensitive and one of the acts music wasn’t playing correctly.  Luckily…a copy was sitting in her account and after borrowing a phone from the photographer this was downloaded and played no probs.  How clever these people are – if it were up to me…I would have found someone in the audience to sing it…good job I’m not in charge of the technical stuff.

Thoughts…we had some people saying that they found The Reverend Obadiah quite offensive.  Quite offensive?  He’s very offensive – that’s his act.  That’s why in all the advertising we said he was “offensive, evil and a writer for Frankie Boyle”.  So…we’re sorry but we put a lot of thought into our shows hence why we had the devil act (dark) with the rev (also dark)  We describe what the shows will be like description before coming to the show.


Star & Jamie Louise for taking care of everything
Lisa, Lady of the door, for being a great door person and a terrible videographer
Stuart Crawfod Photography:
Alice Black Sound:
Dee Christopher Mentalist:
Bruce Morton:
Susan Murray:
Reverend Obadiah:

Next show November 9th – hope to see you there guys 🙂

October 12th Glasgow | The Reverend, Bruce Morton & Guests

Enterteasement_OctoberEnterteasement’s October 12th Comedy, Magic, Burlesque show has a line-up of Superstars! 9 out of our last 10 shows have sold out and this one is predicted to quickly follow suit. We have 3 ‘As Seen On TV Comedians’, (2 of whom have appeared at Enterteasement before and are back by popular demand). 2 of the hottest burlesque dancers in the UK and one of England’s highest rated alternative magicians.

Combine this with our fun, friendly atmosphere and we have the perfect excuse for a Saturday night out.

Eventbrite - Comedy! Magic! Burlesque! October 12th


THE REVEREND OBADIAH STEPPENWOLFE III: This man is an evil comedian; however, when you can offend as many people as him and walk away with a 5 star reviews at The Edinburgh Festival then he’s unquestionably talented. Successful co-writer and performer in Channel 4’s Tramadol Nights with Frankie Boyle. We had him back in April and he as exceptional!

BRUCE MORTON: Perrier nominated comedy legend, co-Founder of The Funny Farm & The Greater Shawlands Republic. After headlining for us earlier in the year he wrote an article about Scottish Comedy and included Enterteasement as one of the good guys, so we had to get him back.

“He can tell a story as entertainingly as Billy Connolly, but the sting in its tail is in a class of its own” –The Times

SUSAN MURRAY: One of London’s most popular female comedians. First ever winner of the Jongleurs ‘New Act’ contest. Numerous TV Appearances including ‘Puppetry Of The Penis’.

CAT ACLYSMIC: Burlesque Dancer From USA and one of Enterteasement’s all time favourites.

“Cat Aclysmic – Hot stuff in more ways than one”  BBC Leeds.

ROSIE WHINE: Rosie burst onto the burlesque scene in 2012. Because the night had that dark feel to it we thought we’d introduce something cute, innocent, blonde and incredibly beautiful.

DEE CHRISTOPHER: The alternative magician/mind-reader is on tour of Scotland lecturing on his Rock & Roll style of magic. For those Criss Angell / Derren Brown fans out there – this isn’t to be missed!

“One of the most skilled and talented mentalists that I have met”  Uri Geller

DOORS: 19:15
SHOW: 20:00 – 22:30
DRESS CODE: Dressing up is welcomed but not required (smart casual minimum)
TICKETS: £14 / £10 (students)

September 14th Review: Chris Conroy, JellyBean Martinez, Stakatto Blue

Howdy, firstly let me say the September 14th show has been receiving lots of positive reviews, we had a lot of new faces and a nice batch of old faces.  One of our performers pulled out with this mad cold that’s going around at the moment; however, she was replaced by one of our favorites.  I’m glad to say that we SOLD OUT again and we gave Vendetta a great send off so thank you guys.   I ( owner of Enterteasement / writer of report) sadly wasn’t at the show so I can’t really give a full report of what happened.  However, from what I’m reading on the survey’s and from a few people I’ve spoken to I’m told this was one of our best shows yet and I’m getting glowing reports about:

  • Chris Conroy as being very friendly, funny and got the crowd going superbly well.
  •  Stakatto Blue tore the roof off the place with her LED Hula Hoop routine
  • JellyBean Martinez brought the house down with his unique blend of comedy & singing

If you have not filled in the survey please do because all feedback is appreciated, listened to and considered. It’s totally anonymous and is only 9 questions long.

Click here to take survey

Survey Feedback


I’m getting lovely reports about how Star handled the Stag do and surprisingly how the Stag do were really well behaved.   I’m also hearing about “The Vibe” in that we create a nice friendly vibe.  Someone once said “they felt so relaxed watching our show it was like watching it in her front living room”  We love that and the performers love that they can jump off stage and interact with the audience.  I’m also hearing that the audience were a bit scared at first with Chris because they thought they might get picked on.  At Enterteasement we know this is your Saturday night and we want you to come back so we don’t book those types of acts who will be horrible to you.  So next time, sit back, relax and if the compere talks to you feel free to chat back.  I’m told that once you got going and believed Chris wasn’t Frankie Boyle in disguise you opened up and gave the acts a good response so thanks for being nice to my acts!


We’ve also had some feedback about the venue not being big enough, not enough chairs and the set-up of those chairs being cabaret over theare style.  I want to point out firstly that we really appreciate your feedback and we do listen.  The Admiral Bar is our 4th venue in 2 years and we moved because we listened to our customers.   The Admiral have been great with us and they believed in us back in the days when we were bringing in 60-70 people.  Now we’ve grown and we’re managing to fill the place we’ve even personally purchased 14 chairs for the Admiral and we’re trying and get another 6 but unfortunately that’s the best we can do.  If we moved to a bigger venue, we’d lose our intimate feel and truth be told…there aren’t any other venues that are city center, with a good PA system, stage, lighting & a changing room.  The Admiral staff have also been very accommodating with us and there team are very laid back and friendly which fits with our ethos.


There seemed to be a problem with some people paying with paypal via Eventbrite.  If this happens could you let us know what it is.  We’ve used a few ticket systems in the past and Eventbrite is the easiest to use for us and for our customers.  However if it’s causing any problems we’re happy to leave them.  As Jerry McGuire would say “Help me Help you”


Special Thanks to

The Audience

Nick Donald:  Nick came to the August show and then booked the back two booths for his birthday.   He is now considering booking a booth…every month!

The Stag Do: After a bad start of turning up late and having a chat they settled in and behaved nicely and joined in on the fun.

Kate for coming back after a few months away and bringing a lovely crowd, dressing up and being marvellous as always.  When I saw her she said, “I’d get up and give you a hug…but I can’t”

The Acts & Staff

Al Coyle: Person who takes pictures

Alice Black: person who playes music and setter upper of things

JellyBean Martinez:  funny person who sings songs

Chris Conroy: funny person who brings on acts

Allan Park: funny person who talks about relationships

Vendetta Vain: burlesque person who gets her boobies out.

Stakatto Blue: spinner of hoop who likes flashy lights
Gary Dunn: tells jokes, does magic and plays with his monkey

Star : Manager, teller of people to shush, hander out of chocolates, picker up of clothes

Jamie-Louise:  Assistant, picker up of clothes, handing out of chocolates, assisting hosting

Lisa: Lady of the door, signer of stag-do’s bum

Gary & Jazzi:  Back-up muscle in case of terrorist attacks, invasion of aliens

The Admiral Bar: Provider of venue, bar staff etc.
Our Next Show is October 12 and features yet another fantastic line-up.  We hope to see you there.  Tickets on sale soon.

September 14th Glasgow

Enterteasement’s next COMEDY! MAGIC! BURLESQUE extravaganza will take place on Saturday September 14th. This night we’ve gone for a party feel as we’ve some of our favourite acts leaving us and some of our old favourites returning to our stage. For those of you who weren’t at our August show we sold out in 8 days and got an all time high customer rating of 4.8 stars To keep that going we’ve put on lots of acts who will not only make you laugh, scream and shout but who will also leave you with the feel good factor. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday night?




JELLYBEEN MARTINEZ: Europe’s sexiest comedian, JellyBeen Martinez, is the Latina Laughter Lover who is not only a joy to listen to…but is so attractive that he can look into a broken mirror and fix it! Warning! in his last show he sang a comedy song…and impregnated 3 women, 2 men and a goat 2 time Scottish Comedian Of The Year Finalist (Not bad considering he’s Spanish)

ALLAN PARK: The happy chappy, the Glasgow giggler, the boy that never grew up…literally – he’s like 5 foot 3 or something! One of the rising stars of the Scottish Comedy Circuit this Scottish Comedian Of the Year Finalist will be gracing our stage before embarking on a Comedy Tour Of Can

CHRIS CONROY: The man described as “Chris is just a funny, funny guy… laughing now just thinking about his big stupid face.” By Tom Stade (5 STAR RATED TV COMEDIAN). Chris headlined for us 2 years ago. Since then he’s established himself as one of the funniest / friendliest comperes on the circuit.

VendettaVPosterGARY DUNN: Newcastle’s favourite comedy magician Gary Dunn shall be returning to Enterteasement. He’s won ‘Act Of The Night’ on his 2 previous shows performing anything from mind-reading chicken to impromptu ventriloquism. A total crowd pleaser.

VENDETTA VAIN: For those Scottish Burlesque fans out there this lady needs no introduction. Stage presense personified with cheeky, captivating, original routines that capture the audience every time. This is her LAST SHOW IN SCOTLAND!!! WHAT?? Yes it’s true, she’s going to circus school in London to learn to tightrope walk in her heels. Let’s give her the send off she deserves!

STAKATTO BLUE:  Stakatto Blue is a hoola hoop extrordianaire, she eats, sleeps and even teaches hula-hoop.  She’s a previous winner of Enterteasement Act Of The night and is one of our all time favourites.  Be prepared as she will blow the roof of the place!

Saturday, September 14th
Doors 7:15
Show 8 – 10:30
Tickets £14 / £10

August 10th Review

BOOM! Now that’s what I call as show! Due to a bad case of procrastination the tickets went on sale 10 days before the show…and we still sold out 48 hours in advance!!

I normally set the venue up with help of photographer Wullie;  however, as both weren’t available it was time for Star to take charge and set the room up and with the help of new assistant Jamie and they did a great job.  This show also had more regulars at it than any other show so it was nice to see so many familiar faces.  The 3 real standouts of the night from an organisers point of view were firstly; Stuart Crawford skidding on his knees like a school boy at a wedding to make sure he got the perfect photograph of Miss Helle’s Belle.  I was standing next to the area and when it happened there was that feeling of “That guy likes his job”

The second was a comment from one of our guests.  He approached me and said;

“Do you know, we were at the last  show a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it.  We were planning on going through to Edinburgh and had purchased tickets to go and see another show (I won’t say which show but it’s a big one!)  then we saw this show was on again and we were gutted that we would be missing it…so we just decided to give the other tickets away, buy tickets and come here”

And the 3rd would have to be Anna’s light up shows…yes she had stars in her shoes and they lit up during her full show which made me very happy because I like that sort of thing.

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The Show

Anna Devitt – Comedian / MC

Anna Devitt was our compere this evening.  It was her 3rd time performing for us and she has, as we say in the comedy world, knocked it out the park on her previous 2 shows.  However, she has been downAnna Devitt in London working on some top secret projects and hasn’t compere’d a show for 6 weeks.  When she was up in Glasgow, she would be compering 3 – 5 shows a week.  So she took to stage in her own words, “A little nervous and rusty”.  Although the room was a little busy there was certainly a fear of talking to her but one front rower, Anton, broke that trend and that was the show started.   The importance of a compere at a show is often under rated.  It’s a compere’s job to get everybody in the right frame of mind for a good night, get them relaxed and happy.  If the compere fails then it’s a big struggle for the rest of the acts.  This is why at Enterteaement we love Anna.  She’s very natural and talks to the audience and bounces off them and by laughing at herself with a mixture of self deprecating humour, stories of failed relationships combined with a fun flirty style and old fashioned Glasgow pub humour.  Anna’s a fans favourite and one of the Enterteasement all time greats.  (Now hurry up and get back to Glasgow so we can book you again!!)


Susan McCabe Comedian

Susan McCabe Susie McCabe.  Susie came to the stage and within seconds had the audience in the palm of her hand.  Who says female comedians aren’t funny?  Well it’s something that we hear lots of after our shows.  People are often approaching us and saying, “Now I don’t normally like female comedians…but she was brilliant” For some reason the ones who make it on TV are normally sh*te.  Susan, on the other hand, has bags of talent and doesn’t do the normal woman stuff. She’s as original in material as she is in style.  Very authentic with tales of her life as a lesbian coming from a catholic family – all very funny, intelligent and non offensive.     Susan is one of only a handful of comedians in the last 2 years to come through from an absolute beginner to be picked up by The Stand, ourselves and many other of the top clubs.  Last year, she was runner up in Scottish Comedian Of The Year and she’s in the final this year and is one of the favourites.  Best of Luck.



Go Go Amy Burlesque Dancer

1150842_534210273312500_1098973747_nAmy Comes from USA and she’s performed around the world – It shows!  I’d describe her performance as captivating as you just couldn’t take your eyes off her.  Sometimes you can see dancers counting steps, but Amy just seemed to gaze into the audience and her act just oozed sensuality.  If you look at the wink in the picture this really sums up Amy for me as she’s very cheeky and vibrant and plays with the audience through her performance.   She performed 2 acts for us and both were fantastic

After speaking to one of our regulars he said, “That girl’s got the best boobs in the business” and I have to agree they were quite magical!

Uneasy Alliance Magic Act

Uneasy Alliance are a combination of Magician Simon South and Burlesque Dancer/Magic Assistant/Magician Fleur Du Mal.  These guys are based down England but are visiting for The Edinburgh Festival for several shows.

Anna Introduced Uneasy Alliance as ‘A Burlesque Act’ because there was a wee bit of a mix-up in communication. When they came onto the stage there was certainly a few dodgy looks from the audience.  However, after they started their act all became clear and the audience figured out this was the magic act.

Uneasy Alliance

Simon Started by doing the old ‘Jonny Up The Nose, Out The Throat’ trick he ran around the audience and everyone let out shrieks of disgust.  (After that a card trick was performed but to be honest I was sill trying to find my stomach as the Jonny trick had turned me slightly nostalgic.  When I was younger I loved everything to do with magic and my cousin’s friend showed me this trick.  I’d have been about 7 and he would have been about 16 – that is kinda mad when you think about it).  Then it was Fleur’s turn to perform and she swallowed a large object…it was a balloon.  This is a great effect and has lots of sexual connotations.  After which we had the big finish of Simon putting not one nail into his head…but 2.  There’s only 1 thing worse then watching a nail being hammered into someone’s head…and that’s it being pulled out.  The second nail was removed with Fleur’s mouth.

Is it the type of show you enjoy?  I don’t know myself.  It’s a strange experience.  However, when Anna Came back on stage a spectator asked if she could pull the nail out and Simon let her hammer one in and pull it out again.  Mad!


Miss Helle’s Belle Burlesque Dancer

625504_534016203331907_509330128_nMiss Helle’s Bell is one of the few burlesque acts around today.  Most of the acts you see are actually modern burlesque or neo-burlesque as it’s known but Miss Helle’s Belle is classic, vintage, traditional burlesque act.  She runs her own 1920’s night in Glasgow and is very much of that era.  The trouble with classic burlesque is that if it’s not performed to a knowledgeable burlesque crowd it can be quite slow & boring and lose the audience’s attention.    However, Miss Hell’s Belle is masterful at doing classic burlesque and kept the audiences attention  for the whole act.  For any of you ladies out there wanting to study seduction, watch this act and the way a glass of wine is poured – very powerful yet playful and stunning as always.  A great act and a pleasure to work with.


Raymond Mearns Comedian

Raymond Mearns

Raymond – The legend of the Scottish Comedy world.   Most comedians have a 25 minute headline set and when they’ve got that sorted they’ll use that for 5 – 10 years and go and tour with it.  Raymond on the other hand could do a 7 night tour and not repeat a joke.  This was the first time I’ve even heard him talk about sex.  A wonderful set including a phone call from a friend during a session which was just magical.   If you look over on the facebook album of photos you’ll see some of the faces and actions he was performing.  Raymond actually looked surprised when some of his jokes were getting laughs at one point which is can only mean he’s been perfoming in Edinburgh recently 😉

20 Minutes of Laughter from Start to Finish and I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the show.  Raymond looked truely delighted when he came off stage as he can now relax without the monthly email from me asking him to perform for us.



Raymond Mearns:
Anna Devitt:
Susan McCabe:
Uneasy Alliance:
Go Go Amy:
Miss Helle’s Belle:



Star – manager
Jamie Louise: First time assistant
Mel: Lady of the Door  her last day – we’ll miss you lots Mel!
Alice: Sound Girl
Stuart Crawford: Photographer:
Al Coyle: Photographer
Gary & Jazzy:  for back-up & safety



And you the audience

Pauline: who celebrated her Hen Night with us.  Yes people can actually turn up for a Hen night and behave themselves.
Gillian: who was simply referred to as T**S The whole night and seemed to quite enjoy it.
Lynn: the mad wee lesbian who flashed the audience when she won a prize
George Price: – official superfan who’ll miss next month. First show he’ll miss in about a year.
Nicola:  Who is a past performer who returned as a guest (this makes us feel special)
Carrie:  Who sent me a lovely email afterwards about how much she loved the show

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August 10th Glasgow

Anna Devitt: Comedian From BGT
Uneasy Alliance: Magic Double Act
Miss Helle's Belle: Burlesque act
Go Go Amy: International Burlesque Act
Raymond Mearns: Headline Comedian
Susie McCabe: Comedian

We’re proud to present another hand-picked line up of the very best COMEDY, MAGIC & BURLESQUE performers. This combined with our relaxed friendly atmosphere and hard working team has allowed us to achieve a 4.6 star average customer rating, regular selling out shows and a reputation as one of the best nights out in Glasgow. So come down and join in the fun and spice up your weekend.


RAYMOND MEARNS: Comedians just don’t get any better than Raymond. Described as ““A Genuine Improvisational Genius” by Frankie Boyle, this Bafta Award Winner rose to the top of The Scottish Comedy Scene and just stayed there ever since.

ANNA DEVITT: As seen on Britain’s Got Talent and newly crowned Best New Scottish Comedian from The Scottish Variety Awards. Anna is flying back from London for a special performance.

SUSAN McCABE: Scottish Comedian Of The Year Runner up, Susie is a natural story teller This Loveable Storyteller has burst onto the scene and was . Naturally Funny

MISS HELLE’S BELLE: Born in the wrong era, this stunning 1920’s Burlesque dancer will be performing classic burlesque with her own wicked twist

GO GO AMY: Winner: Seattle’s Sexxiest Cover gir Amy is an International Burlesque Star on tour from The USA. This is her 8th tour and thankfully she’s heard about The Glasgow Burlesque Scene and we snapped her up as soon as we saw her.

UNEASY ALLIANCE: A double act from England. Featuring Britain’s Got Talent Magician Simon South and Take Me Out Burlesque Sensation & Magic Assistant Fleur De Mal.  This is sure to be something extra special.
Saturday, August 10th
Doors 7:15
Show 8 – 10:30
Tickets £14 / £10

The Admiral Bar: 72 Waterloo Street Glasgow (5 minutes walk from Central Station)


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